Is it just me....???

Nov 21, 2006
:nuts: I'm really considering the BH bag, but everytime I see one that is dark patina and all used looking...I'm not feeling it. Do you think that particular bag looks ugly as it gets used?? Or am I just crazyyyyyy?????
The patina thing is what caused me to go with epi speedy instead of the mono speedy.
However, thinking about it now, I think that the patina grows so gradually that when it is your OWN bag, you won't mind it as much.
So I don't think it is that particular bag...........
I hear you! I feel the same about my LH! I don't know if I am going to like it as much when it fully patinas! And I am a patina LOVER!!! I do agree that some bags look better with and some without patina!:yes:
i baby my bags to death because i hate the patina and would do anything to stop the process. i have the Batignolles Horizontal, and i've sprayed it with Shining Monkey to try and slow down the process
I know what you're saying. I'm not feeling those straps with a dark patina, either. But, it must be noted the BH isn't a fav of mine anyway.

I agree with Kitsunegrl, if it is a bag that only you have owned, it's not so bad.
My cousin has a BH, inspired me to get one recently...Hers has patina and mine is pale. She loves hers to death!!!! I think when its your own bag, and has darkened gradually through use you learn to love it...BTW I hate dark patina
I had a look on Ebay to see the condition of the BV/BHs they had, but most of them had patina so I didn't buy it. Personally, I don't mind patina, but I would love the bag more if the patina was from me wearing it and not by somebody else.. So... I ended up getting a brand new one for a little bit more. :love:

Good luck!
I really don't mind it as long as the patina is even and not too dark (I have a high tolerance for patina so my version of light might be dark on someone else). I'm super picky when it comes to straps, though. And dark/dirty vachetta is intolerable for me.
I totally understand! On some bags patina is fine but on others :yucky: I don't like it either when the patina goes a dark brown, I love it in the lightest of the light honey shade :P
the straps on my BH are a honey'ish color... i actually like it at this stage better than the brand new, pale vachetta. i really don't want it to get any darker though, it's just perfect as it is now.
I don't like blindingly light straps but I don't like super dark ones either. Since it's a shoulder bag though, it shouldn't get as bag as it would if you were holding it in by hand.
I have the BH and I don't mind the patina but I don't want it to get dark brown. When it's brand new, the patina is too light in my opinion. It would be interesting if LV would make BH in Damier or even Epi. I really love the shape of the bag and it's so easy to throw things into it.