Is it just me?

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  1. So you're the 39.5 that keeps snagging all the good sale shoes :P
  2. ^^^^^
    Ha! Actually I've only snagged one pair off the 'bay! Like I said, the ones I really want just aren't out there in my size! :smile:
  3. this happens all the time for me. i found a pair of shoes i'm looking for right now on ebay but they are slightly too big. it's very disappointing.
  4. There are a pair of EB Rolandos that are about 1.5 sizes too big for my feet :sad: Also those fuxia lady gres are a whole size too big for me :sad: I guess it just wasn't meant to be
  5. I hear you idests! I bought my first pair only in June 2008, now I have 2 at home, a pair of YSLs, and 3 more CLs on their way in the mail! I've rationalised my addiction by banning myself from buying regular shoes - I figure I can have the exxy ones so long as that's all I buy. Less = more. (In the case of $$$, a lot more:shocked:!)
  6. I've decided that I'm going to sell all my pairs of CLs except for one, just so I can justify spending more. I don't have many, but I don't really wear them all so it makes sense to get some money back to buy the ones I really want. Like Catwomen and watersnake Altadamas - my UGHs!

    This forum is the best/worst enabler there is - I can't help drooling over others' collections and looking in the deals & steals thread to see if anything pops up that I just need. Losing auctions feels like saving at this stage.
  7. idests - definitely NOT just you. I bought 4 pairs of CLs in the last month or so and the worse thing is, I can't seem to be able to buy any other designers...and I can't seem to stop!!! Scary addictive is surely the words for it!!!!
    And yes, I cannot seem to find my size esp for good deals!