Is it just me?

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  1. Or do the rest of you also find that the shoes you DON'T want are all over the place in your perfect size while the shoes you DO want pop up in every size BUT yours? Honestly, I'm forever putting 39.5s on my watch list or in a shopping cart simply because they're my size. Then after a few hours or days my commonsense asserts itself and I delete them.

    And another question! How can I suddenly crave, want and think I need all these CLs when I was perfectly fine for years without them? I wandered into this sub-forum less than a month ago asking advice on the purchase of my first pair. Less than a month ago, and I already have two pairs in the house and one on the way! How does that happen?! I swear the moment I tried a pair on ruined me for life.

    I was just thinking this morning that I out to put myself on a ban. Right after the NYC meet-up. :yes:
  2. :roflmfao: You are SO NOT ALONE :roflmfao:
  3. CLs are unbelievably addictive.. i don't think i know anybody who owns ONLY one pair.. it's such a disease.. but i would never give it up!!!!
  4. It's so true! Once I got my first pair I couldn't stop!

  5. yes, I think about this allll the time...
  6. ^ Oh yeah......I mean, have you seen my wishlist - I keep buying CLs but it doesn't get any shorter :confused1:
  7. Once you start you can't stop ... I have 4 pairs from the course of three months ...terrible
  8. All I can say is don't start "special ordering", that's a whole other addiction.
  9. Oh lord... I'm not going there! But then a month ago I said I only ever expected to own one pair, so um...
  10. too late!:Push:
  11. I hear ya...
    It was not until October 2008 that I got my first CLs and I already have 4 pairs of CLs. Another side-effect is the exponental increase in time used in this forum. ^^
  12. April/May 08-up to 28, sold 2, returned one-addicted, nah!!
  13. It is addictive, eventho one of the style is killing my feet. I own almost a dozen in 2 months :sad:
  14. Yup, I can never find my size but that's because I have weird sizing in CL.

    It's also sad that I no longer can wear any other heels but CL.
  15. You can't have just one. :nuts: They are scary addictive fer sure. But crack never looked so pretty! :girlsigh: