Is it just me?

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  1. Or do your SA's at your Coach store each give you different information each time your are there about the same items? I have my hamptons hobo which I love. The pebbled leather is easy care as one SA told me and doen't scratch like other leather bags can. Well I have been in the store a couple times to get some other things. Well I was just looking at another leather bag and the SA came over and tried to sell it to me. I said no and explained about easy care pebbled leather and that I have 2 kids so I need a durable bag. She began to tell me pebbled leather is not durable and does scratch easy and not good for weather. The next time I was there an SA told me pebbled leather is great for weather and durable. Well today an SA told me pebbled is aweful and will scratch :confused1: Argh how am I supposed to by things from the store when I get different information each time. Sorry if this was confusing I am just wondering if it had happened to anyone else?
  2. All the time! I totally feel your pain!! You just have to learn to filter out the fact from fiction, and sometimes that's real hard!! That's why I only trust my regular SA and two outlet SAs. As far as I'm concerned, the rest of them in my area are clueless. I honestly thought Coach did no training, but I was told this is not true. There is so much variability between stores too. It really drives me up the wall, and I was totally miserable while my regular SA was away for a few weeks!

    In general, pebble leather is very maintenance free, but can scratch. It depends on the type of pebble leather as to how much it scratches too. But leather like the regular Chelsea line can just be wiped down with a's fairly waterproof and very low maintenance. It's actually fine in bad weather. However, that's not the case for the vintage line.
  3. i was in my Coach store last week and i knew more than the SA's. :P
    maybe tPF should be required reading!
  4. ITA. Unfortunately I think the less informed SA's don't share the same "passion" for the product that we do and it is just a job for them. KWIM?

  5. That maybe it. They are just not interested enough in the product they are selling. Or maybe they are just trying to make a sale. I should add that they were trying to get me to buy bags that were $498.00 or more.

    Oh and what is KWIM?
  6. KWIM= Know What I Mean
  7. Thank you. I am still learning :shame:
  8. Me too. I run into the abbreviations all the time and I have no clue as to what they mean! I'm slowly picking them up.
  9. That's why I love tPF, knowing lots of info ahead of time makes me feel special.