Is It Just Me

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  1. I Notice Some Black Spot On The Legacy Leather, Like A Tiny Dot.
    On My Gigi And Lily.
  2. No, it's not just you.. that is very common on the Legacy Leather.. some is worse than others.. it's just part of it. :yes:
  3. There are a few n my Ali. It is no big deal, just the way the leather is, and over time, you will probably not notice. I always get compliments on my Ali and nobody ever notices the tiny spots. I think us Coachies notice because we scrutinize our bags!
  4. Glad to know about this. I've noticed a small black dot in my Legacy SHoulder bag and thought it was a stain. I guess I can live with it.
  5. The black dots were on my Lily when I ordered it. It looked like somebody took a sharpie and put dots all over it. It bothered me so I returned it and didn't repurchase another one. I only see them on my whiskey wristlet which I got at the outlet. None of my other Legacy bags have the "spots".
  6. My whiskey Gigi that I picked up at the outlet store yesterday has tiny black speckles on the back side. TWO SAs assured me that they were normal - I wanted to make sure in case I decide to return it!

    I seem to remember reading something about some bags being made to be sent directly to the outlet stores, where their number starts with an "F"? I wonder if they tend to use speckled leather on the "F" bags? (my Gigi's number starts with an F)
  7. there was a whiskey lily on display that I thought about buying, but at the time I thought the black dots were defects or signs of mishandling.

    The one I got from JAX has some, buy not many.
  8. I have seen some with more spots than others. :yes: Some have no spots, but most whiskey bags that I have seen have atleast a few, even if they are small. :yes:

  9. If it is F***-**** then no, it is not an outlet bag, if it is ****-F*** then yes, that would be an outlet bag. It depends on where the F is placed.
  10. ^^^^ Thanks for the info! :flowers:. Mine just has the F at the beginning of the first set of numbers so I guess I did pretty well at the outlet :smile:. (off to check the Legacy shoulder bag I also got at the outlet...)

    The speckles on my Gigi aren't obviously noticeable, even though the back of my bag is somewhat "freckled" by them - I didn't even notice them til I was checking out! It was the only one but it doesn't bother me enough to want to return it for cosmetic reasons.