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  1. or is this place real slow/not the same since the ban? :crybaby: I am really sad because when it was going to be closed for a whole week I thought I may not come back but then they opened it early and the board is SO slow now, I wonder if it will ever be the same? :confused1: I hope the others come back!! Oh well, just had to vent/moan a little because I am bummed... it used to be a hoppin' place! :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Wow, I was gone for a month and must have missed something. What happened? Why was there a ban? I always miss these things and end up so lost! :crybaby:
  3. fieldsinspring, I suspect a lot of people took a few extra days off after the holiday - there really might not be anyone around in general. But back to the ol' grind tomorrow :oh:
  4. The Coach is what WE make it. :yes:

    Plus, keep in mind that they (the powers that be) have restructured this forum with sub-forums too, so people have the option to browse threads in a variety of places now (such as the Coach shopping sub-forum) as opposed to just looking in one forum.

    Plus, drama ALWAYS brings more action so it may have "seemed" to have been hopping when in reality, its not.

    No offense to anyone that does, but I consider this to be a forum about Coach purses (where I can be enabled) and not high school where the party is considered lame until the proverbial "cool kids" show up. LOL Let's just continue to enjoy the company of those that are here ~ now someone post some pics of their new purchases..... :smile:
  5. are not alone in your sentiments. I have found myself lurking in other forums where before I went directly to the Coach forum and camped out there for hours.
    I agree there are mitigating circumstances, like the holiday week...but I feel that a large part of this WAS the drama that occured. Also, there has been a substantial amount of backlash towards Coach regarding their CS, the quality and the price upgrades. Reading all those horror stories, even I found myself feeling a little less enamored of Coach lately...and I haven't even been the one to experience these things personally.

    I'm probably hanging myself out on a very tight limb here, but I also feel the loss of some members who were banned, and I take that loss personally. Those gals were some of the people I enjoyed "chatting" with the most and their absence is strongly felt on this forum, at least by me.

    What can we do about this fieldsinspring...cause I absolutely LOVE tPF and cannot imagine spending a single day without it...
  6. I'm new to the Coach forum and have found it a pleasant place to be in. I've been lurking since the end of April, but never posted since there seemed to be lots of fraught feelings about various situations here. Now that things are running smoothly again, I thought I would post here and the response is wonderful.

    I hope the Coach forum will be a nice place to spend my time in...
  7. It is a holiday week here in the USA.......
    and I think once we r done adding a fab reference library etc...this place will be easier to navigate for all!
    If u have any organizing suggestions..Please feel free to PM me anytime!Im here to help...along with a BUNCH of other mods!
    PS-and while this forum was closed for reorganization....I saw some super nice new faces from Coach in gen disc....VERY happy to meet u all that havent been there..Kinda opens yer eyes to the other sections of the PF too!
  8. It kinda feels really slow to me too! There aren't that many new threads popping up. BUT it could be due to the 4th, so I am hoping things will pick up soon!
  9. Hopefully it IS something to do with the 4th.. I don't know... just bummed! It doesn't have anything to do with the "cool kids" just having things move along! I used to be able to be on almost all the time and things were hopping.. now I can check back hours, even a day later and the same threads are there with 2 more responses.. just not what it was a week ago, but I hope it does pick up... I love it here! :tup:
  10. I think alot of people may have ventured into maybe other parts of TPF since the coach side was closed. im sure it will pick up. Maybe some people are still upset about the closings. Don't know. Maybe we are all recovering from PCE? :p
  11. Keep in mind that PCE just ended too. The board is really busy during PCE as buying is up.
  12. It seems slow to me as well:yes:...I am still here, but not as much as I used to be.:nogood:
  13. I agree totally.:tup:
    If you want some action in here, make it happen!
  14. It could be that after the backlash and closing, that some of the more vocal members who hadn't contributed to the drama may have had their feelings hurt by the closing, or they may just be more paranoid about posting now. There really are no set posting rules, but I imagine everytime there's a closing or ban people probably clam up for a little bit, not wanting to cause any more trouble. Hopefully it'll loosen up after a little while. :smile:
  15. there was hurt feelings for sure - all around, it WILL loosen up soon for sure :yes:

    Reminds of what my DH says sometimes:
    get doing what you're doing, keep getting what you're getting!

    his reps would complain they weren't making enough sales/money, as if it was DH's fault, he loved to tell them that^:lol:

    It's slightly annoying, but you can't deny it's truth! LOL!

    You get what you give:yes:
    If we all just give a little in here, it'll create more of what we love:biggrin:
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