Is it just me....


Do you think there has been more Hermes in movies/ shows lately?

  1. Yes! H seems to be everywhere now

  2. No more than usual

  3. Actually I've been seeing less

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  1. or is there a lot more Hermes in movies/ tv lately? Either that or I'm just noticing it more :p

    I just saw Mr. Brooks (great movie btw) and Demi Moore was wearing a black H belt and a black Cape Cod double tour throughout the entire movie. And a couple weeks ago when I saw Fracture the wife had a black Birkin. And for the past few episodes of Starter Wife Debra Messing's gorgeous black box birkin w/ gh has been getting lots of airtime. Is Hermes the new "in" thing for shows and movies?
  2. Not sure about current TV/ a way I kinda hope not - I don't want Hermes to become the next "it" thing if you KWIM.

    BUT - I just saw an old movie a couple of days ago with Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Perkins called "Goodbye Again" (1961) and one of the other actresses carried a lovely croc Kelly....swoon!
  3. I noticed them more too lately. But I wonder if it is because I am more interested in Hermes and plan to get one. So my eyes are focus in on H bags whether it is in a movie, at the mall or anywhere I spot one.
  4. I also hope not because I would really love Hermes to remain a "secret" among those in the "know". Once it gets blasted into society then who knows what will happen. I remember when I bought my Kelly ten years ago noone knew what I was carrying except me and I felt really special and now with all the publicity in the movies/tv and magazines I am stared and made comments to all the time and it's rather uncomfortable. Just the other day I was wearing my Kelly and a friend asked me since she saw it in a magazine if it cost $12000. I am wondering now what I can carry that nobody knows.
  5. Can't answer the poll 'cause I don't go to movies often. Rented The Devil Loves Prada a year after it's release, tho, and loved it!

    But, I feel it's inevitable that Hermes will continue to infiltrate more of the masses what with the newer layer in society of people with more money than taste. And. they are influenced to buy, by what they see and hear in the movies as well as magazines.

    People with good taste, as well as those without will want what they perceive to be the very best, but, only those with good taste and breeding will really understand what it means, I feel.

    And, with more Hermes boutiques opening, more exposure to the House and easier access....then...
  6. ^ that may be the case but i dont (and hope) H will not succumb to marketing and directing toward these people. all they really want is a birkin/kelly and a few boucle scarves and anything logo, once they have acquired this it will be time to move on to another monogram. So at least IMHO if we do get to that point it will be a phase of society plus we will all switch to our unrecognizable H pieces, the plume bolide etc. I think there will be light at the end of that unfortunate tunnel
  7. I remember seeing it in Mr. Brooks and Fracture too. I loved how Demi wore it though. I can remember the beautiful red croc Kelly in Le Divoce. Oh and the birkin in the Royal Tenenbaums or however you sell it. I know there was another more recent but for the life of me I can't remember now.
  8. Gwynnth in the movie with Michael Douglas in which he conspires to kill her? Didn't she have a black Kelly?

    I think I'm just more attuned to (read: obsessed) with H now.
  9. I think there seems to be more product placement.
  10. Yes, I think so but I hope that this dies down.
  11. I have to say I agree. I mean I love it that I can spot H on films/shows on tv, but I don´t want it to be an everyday thing KWIM?
  12. Well one thing we don't know: whether or not it may be product placement. Companies do make deals with films for advertising. Even if they don't, look what happened with SATC and the Birkin bag.
  13. No more than usual. Ever since SATC and that infamous red birkin episode, I think I can recall only two movies that had birkins, one w/ a kelly, and another w/ a belt. And this is over the span of a couple of years. So not too much market saturation so to speak.
  14. I have seen the bag mentioned mostly on TV shows: The Starter Wife had Debra Messing with her black box birkin. One episode of Law & Order showed a red birkin (but allegedly fake/stolen). They said the bag costs $12K!!! Yes, I do see them more often these days on TV....
  15. A Perfect Murder, or as I like to call it A Perfect Wardrobe...*swoons over Gwynnths Kelly/clothes*;)