Is It Just Me !

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  1. I've enjoyed checking out all the Spring Bags,but I'm dying to get my hands on a few of the upcoming fall collection bags.

    Any of you ladies feeling the same urge ?
    If so what's on your hit list ?
  2. Me to i want a louis vuitton speedy in the gold.
  3. I've been dying to get a spring bag but no fundage :sad2:
  4. That makes two of us :biggrin: .
  5. And the cycle continues...
  6. I think I might be a fall bag girl... I've been trying purses left and right for a "spring/summer" style and/or color, like whites and creams. It just has NOT been working...

    I ended up ordering a 227 Chanel Reissue in grey--that's nearly a year old from it's original release! :P And I'm now looking at the Elise in black or waiting until the fall for the LV's and MJ's. So no spring bag for me!
  7. Not sure if its considered "fall" but the idea of getting a bicolor Kelly is growing on me, maybe in the same colors as my birkin. It would be awesome for fall :love:
  8. Yup-I'm dying to get my hands on a fall bag. Just want to see some updated websites so I can plan my attack (typing with a kid on my lap again :noworry:-it's rough)
  9. I am just dying to see really "good" pics of the MJ line.
  10. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I want the animal print B Bag. :nuts: I am trying to post a pic of the other Fendi that I would like but can't.
  11. [​IMG]

    Heres the other one. Don't know what its called
  12. [​IMG]

    Got it!! If anyone knows the name of this one please post it. I am guessing metailics will still be hot in the fall. I also think patent leather is going to explode.
  13. Me toooooo.

    I keep checking the websites to see if they posted the new season bags knowing good and well summers not even/barely here, lol! I dont have any money, but I'm just so excited to see!
  14. Metallic LVs......<drool>
  15. I can't wait to see what colors Jimmy Choo releases for the Ramona and Rasia bags! And of course, I am dying to see the Fall Balenciaga collection!!! I am going to start saving now b/c I always love fall collections!