Is it just me? XD!

  1. Is it just me..

    But in the morning before I change into the outfit I'm about to wear for the day I spray some of my perfume onto the clothes and blow dry it.. Why? Because to me.. I think this way the heat kinda makes the perfume stick as well as get more fragrant.. and it'll have a longer lasting power.. xD!

    I don't know if it's just me or.. what.. and also.. I have no idea if blow drying my clothes after spraying perfume on it does anything.. if anyone have any idea.. please let me know! xD :wlae:
  2. Personally I don't do that but it'll take the advice and try it -I can never get my perfume to last more than 10 minutes... I think there must be something wrong with my skin :cursing:
  3. That sounds exactly like me! I'll put perfume on, then the scent seems to go away after about 10 minutes! It's ridiculous!
    I've never heard of this, but I am willing to give it a try!
  4. I think the reason that the scent seems to go away after 10 minutes is that you just can't smell it anymore. You run out of transmitter substance for the particular smell, so you can't smell it. Everyone else can, though!
  5. heh, i do that too! definitely works!
  6. LOL...I will have to try it! When I get out of the shower I use the lotion that goes with my perfume and then I spray my prefume all over me. Then I get ready. After Im dressed and about to walk out the door I do one more quick spray...and Im off. It seems to stay with me rather well. I will try this tomorrow though...
  7. I = Exactly the same !
  8. I spritz it over my head. It lasts way longer on my hair than it does on my skin. If it's a light scent that I really love, I spritz it on my clothes. I just put on a jacket the other day that smelled like Light Blue (which I ran out of awhile ago) and I kept sniffing my sleeves, because I smelled so good :p
  9. That's what I do too. The lotion tends to "set" the perfume, I think.
  10. I agree with Una, the smell of the perfume fadeaway in your nose, you just don't smell it anymore cause your nose gets used to it. That's just normal. All advices tell, that you shouldn't apply more perfume no earlier than in 4-5 hours.

    But I also spray the perfume to my clothes if I want to make sure I smell good, I just don't spray it all over me :smile:
  11. Spraying your perfume on your clothes will stain it..especially if it's white.. be careful!!
  12. This must be why so many people make me sneeze when I walk by them in the mornings! I was always taught that if you can smell yourself you've applied too much.
  13. i read somewhere that the smells land on receptors, so after a few minutes you shouldn't be able to smell it as strongly or even at all... so if you keep applying more perfume, you may be overdoing it
  14. Interesting to read about why I cannot smell the perfume on my own skin... I worry that I am overdoing it now LOL thanks for the heads up girls