Is it just me....rude Ebayer!

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  1. Hi, I have this Gucci bag listed as BIN or BO. I got a offer and a question from the same person then got another message. This is what the last message said:

    never mind. i read you thing again u got it at N.Y.C. i really dont buy thing that comes from N.Y..... sorry. They are too many fake purses out there. not to be mean or rude. i have got to fake purses already. i dont want to bet no more. thank u for ur time.

    What is that supposed to mean:cursing:??? That is rude:yes:! Well this was my reply what do you guys think?

    Hi, I know that you stated that you did not mean to be rude but sorry that is rude. I am a New Yorker and although I live in PA now I do everything in NY including shopping for ALWAYS AUTHENTIC items. About 99% of the items in my store are from NY and 100% of my items are Authentic. I think it is sad how you associate and obviously feel like "everything" that is from NY is fake. NY is the fashion capital of the world and yes I do know about the bootlegs and etc. but I think that it's not fair that you would just assume that everything you see on Ebay from NY is fake. Also, I see you stated that you have gotten fakes before I'm not sure from where (I see you have 0 feedback so I guess not on Ebay)but the purseforum is very helpful in spotting fakes on Ebay.

  2. Sorry that happened to you <<big huge>>

    Yes, she's so rude and it's better if she just simply ask you to cancel her offer or retract her offer by herself without say anything :yucky:
  3. Good for you!! YEs that is absolutely fine :tup: that is a very good reply not rude and stating your point.
  4. :tup:Perfect!!Have you blocked her yet?:roflmfao:
  5. Ebay has become a magnet for rude people. This person sounds like they have never been to New York. Good response, I would have also added at the end' please do not contact me again '
  6. What a nonsense! and comes from 0 feedback buyer. Just block her, I wouldn't even bother to reply to her, she just doesn't want to pay, that's it.
  7. errr theres always a better way to say things...
  8. that little song and dance about nyc was totally unnecessary! she could have just said, "sorry i changed my mind, thanks for your time."
  9. On top of that, her verbal/writing skills are beyond fantastic. :rolleyes: She is obviously uneducated.

    Block her!
  10. I think I would have written this back to her: "Have you been to New York before? There is more to the city than just Canal Street."
  11. She probably hasn't been fortunate enough to shop in the abundance of high end stores selling authentic items in NYC.
  12. LOL, if I read her sarcsm ( sp? ) about NY, I pretty sure you're right :hrmm:
  13. It sounding like we accuse Hong Kong resellers are selling fakes since so many fake items from there BUT we all know there are many trusted LV resellers from Hong Kong!

    I have NO idea how ppl can be so rude and sounding like uneducated :Push:

  14. LOL because here was her response:

    thank u so much for taking ur time to get back at me. it true what
    u say. i'll keep that in mind. THANK ONE again.

    I am not even going to bother and respond! She is blocked on my list also (thanks for the suggestion).
    I knew I was not the only one that thought this was ridiculous. :tup:
  15. Maybe English isn't her first language.