Is it just me or...

  1. Does anyone else ever watch TV now in search of LV on tv? I don't know what it is but I love watch tv and now when I am watching and I looking out for LV purses - is this crazy or what?

    speaking of LV and TV.....anyone watch Hulk Hogan's realty show this past weekend when Mr and Mrs Hogan went away from a evening and she had a keepall and a LV Pegase (sp?) suitcase. this normal? HA! HA! :graucho:
  2. I look out for LV's EVERYWHERE :shame:
    TV, newspapers, magazines, on the street,...
    Nothing's wrong w/ you ;)
  3. I don't watch that show, but I completely understand where you are coming from bec. I search through my Us magazine for bags, lol, and I love it when I find a celeb wearing lv, ok, confession time...I even cut out a picture of the mono speedy on jessica simp. and Katherine Mc, and put it on my fridge since that is my next bag due in March! I like looking at it on them, although there's both sag, lol, but I still like it!
  4. If that's crazy then I am, too! I was watching ESPN with my DH (I actually enjoy this btw) and the news was Allen Iverson's trade from Philly to Denver. He was stepping out of the plane in his LV! I think it was a Keepall. I think I respect the guy more now. lol
  5. theirs not there's
  6. Ohhhh good, I am not alone!! HA! HA!
  7. As of a few months ago, I have started to look for LV everywhere. Iknow what you mean about the t.v.
  8. Yes! I've been looking for them on Tv and get excited when I see them:lol:
  9. Me too. I am glad that I am in such good company. :wlae:
  10. I always take note of the bags to see if there are any LV, I love spotting LV's anywhere - even on TV.:yes:
    Sometimes even hubby will see one and go 'Look at the bag."

  11. Hey there, Leg Lamp (aka NVMyLV)...I was thinking about you over Xmas whie they were running your movie for 24 hours straight! Too funny, one of these days I am going to get the Leg Lamp and put it up during the holidays! HA!HA! Hope you had a wonderful Xmas....glad to see from everyone's response my craziness is actually quite normal on this board! HA!HA! :supacool:
  12. Hilarious - I totally do the same thing - every show I see all I do is check out the bags ;)
  13. laguna beach is ALWAYS filled with louis vuitton, whenever you take a lil trip or what not

    hehe :heart:3
  14. LOL me too! it's COMPLETELY normal, especially if you ask anyone here! LOL:graucho:
  15. Hey itsgood2beme Happy Holidays to you!! My leg lamp has gotten me tons of traffic stopping in front of my house. Did I tell you that my neighbor got one too? LOL! I was actually mad at first....oh well... she must love the movie too.:graucho: