Is it just me? Or...

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  1. #1 Feb 12, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    Is it just me...? Or is it that ebay sellers are luring unsuspecting bidders by "$0.99" auctions and then jacking up the shipping price?

    Seriously? a $0.99 starting bid with a $59.99 shipping price? NO WAY!

    That almost happened to me, but I decided to read the entire post before bidding. Thank goodness I did not bid on such a silly scam!

    Here are a list of users:


  2. Well they do it so they dont have to pay stupid ebay fees. I dont do that myself....but I understand why they do it. I ordered some pretty sweet steampunk watches on ebay for .99 and paid $20 for shipping. I still get a super cool product and they dont have to pay high ebay fees. We're both happy....ect...ect..ect...

  3. Yeahhh, I suppose...but then some random person may bid unknowingly. But I can see the other point of view. :smile:
  4. As a bidder it's your duty to check and double check before bidding. If you're put off by their insanely high shipping, then don't bid. You can, however, report the auction just use the report button, but usually ebay doesn't bother.

  5. Well,too good to be true but too many complains from buyers. Some sellers don't like to depart their items for .99 despite the high shipping fee. There are good sellers but you must be lucky to find them. Why not state what they really want for their item as start bid & an acceptable shipping fee?
  6. that's a violation of ebay policy. it's fee avoidance, and should be reported to ebay.

    you should always read everything before bidding and buying.