is it just me? or..?

  1. seems like reselling values of mini monogram series are kinda low? i mean..seems cheaper to get a mini monogram bag (in which i've recently fell in love with) even though they have been discontinued? and how's the quality of the mini monogram bags? TIA! :heart:
  2. The Mono Mini line is not a best-seller for LV which is why it re-sells low. You probably already know that it is being d/c this year. :crybaby:

    I have the Josephine PM TST in khaki, the Anne-Sophie TST in khaki and the Key and Change Holder TST in khaki and I love them! :love:

    The quality of the TST is superb - also b/c it is dark, it is less likely to stain or show marks. I know the regular cherry and blue definitely show dirt, etc. really easily.
  3. I also love the fact there is no vachetta on the current models.
  4. i love this line, it's more sophisticated than regular monogram line.
  5. I have too much junk (lol well its what it is really!) to stuff in anything "mini" ....right now I'm carrying a Multipli cite!
  6. I absolutely adore mini mono line. I really don't mind how much they resell for as I keep all my bags and don't sell them.
  7. no..because the only way to get them is thru resellers that's why im asking..i think they can be dressed up or down..that's y im interested..then again im waiting for my damier speedy 25 to arrive lol