Is it just me or ...

  1. yeah, 100% fake!
  2. It caught my attention, felt the same as you did!
  3. whispa777: Look at your new avatar!!! When did you get your new birkin (Am I missing some info. or missed a thread?)? Gorgeous!!!
  4. Argh, people like that really p!ss me off.:mad:
  5. :sick: :sick:
  6. there are A LOT sellers using stolen pictures it just makes me wanna throw up or even better sue them for the last dime :rant: :mad:
  7. I don't understand why these people are still allowed to sell on eBay. Is eBay just selective about what to pull and what not to pull? The thing that I found ironic is I have seen authentic listings being pulled while the fake stuff is still being auctioned. I mean, wth?
  8. :mad:
    They do look like copied photographs from other resellers I've seen. EBay should really have a stricter policy on this.
  9. You know, it is a shame that they don't crack down on this. It is ruining the Ebay experience and its reputation. I don't think I would make a major purchase off Ebay unless I knew the seller very well. I would like to sell some of my bags but I am scared of that too, what if someone claims my real bag is a fake and sends a fake one back to me. I guess they will just sit in my closet.
  10. I know what you mean. When I was selling my LV (and other bags) last year, I was so stressed out and paranoid over every sale ... Nowadays, buyers scam just as much as sellers! The old bait n' switch trick is no longer just limited to sellers. The thing is, Paypal and credit card company tend to stand on buyer's side, so if you really encountered a dishonest buyer, it can be a real pain in the neck.:mad:

    Years ago, eBay was so different. Back in those days, people were more honest and trusting. I remember I used to have a buyer who would send me CASH via international mail! I can't imagine anyone doing that now.
  11. hehe, I've mentioned my birkin many times. Got it in April in Paris on my honeymoon. But I've just now got around to take a picture and make it into my avastar. BTW, every time I look at your avastar I drool. So I've told my SA to add a ostrich fuchsia birkin to my list :love:

    oh yeah, forgot to mention, it's Gold color in togo and in 30cm, it has Ruthenium hw. if anyone's looking for a picture of RH, here it is.
  12. :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:
  13. This seller has some serious balls! $125,000 for a fake!!!!!!! I hate ebay! And love hte pics of the ostrich birkin- oh yeah, there weren't any! (except for one really bad one)