Is it just me or.....

  1. :nogood:does anyone else just not get the patent obsession that all the designers have had for the last and upcoming seasons I have tried but I can't see anything other than the shine which I personally just dont like
    maybe its just me
  2. It's weird. I mean, I like the way patent looks I suppose, but generally, I'd prefer regular leather over patent ANY day. I don't like how it's trendy and gets finger prints all over it. I have a black patent Gucci clutch and I love it for nights out, but I wouldn't choose patent for an every day bag.
  3. I dont dislike patent bags or anything, but I kind of see patent as a trendy thing, so when it comes to really expensive bags, I would not choose a patent one, as I think other bags are just more classic. (I do know that some patent bags are considered classic, but I think I personally would get tired of patent after a while)
  4. I think patent is pretty on small to mid-sized bags. And by that I mean, no bigger than 12 x 5. I like big bags well enough, but I think patent leather on these MASSIVE bags looks kind of cheap. Just my $0.02.
  5. I also can't seem to warm to patent bags. I so love the feel, the slouchiness and smell of good quality soft leather.
  6. I think patent looks good when it's done right, but it is definitely not for me. I don't think it's very "classy".
  7. i prefer normal leather too-patent is just not my thing
  8. I am not a fan either. I don't mind small accessories (skinny belt for example) but can't do anything larger than that.
  9. I agree with jenniferelaine, I think it looks good in small doses but too large bags look plastic-y. I think subtle patent touches, like peep toe pumps, are the best uses for patent.
  10. I don't do patent either. I have a couple patent belts, that's it. I don't even wear patent shoes.
  11. I like clutches and small trendy handbags in patent, but not too crazy about the big bulky crush patent... the Prada ones are NOT nice
  12. The last patent bag I owned was in the late 70' was a structured bag and showed a gazillion fingerprints. But a small, crackled patent can be cute, but dressy. I stay away from patent leather.
  13. Totally agree! I think it cheapens the bag and I hate the fingerprints on it.
  14. Good point about the fingerprints didn't even think about that
    Not a good look
  15. No matter how often I see a patent bag I like (not many by the way) and no matter how much I may like the styling, ultimately all I really see is PLASTIC when I see patent bags. I don't mind patent shoes at all. Love them in fact, but with handbags it's like a flashback to the kiddie "starter bags" I had when I was 6 years old! :yucky:

    I agree with those of you that say it's fine on smaller bags. I have a couple of evening clutches that are patent and I love them. Don't know why it doesn't work for me with large bags. :shrugs: