Is it just me, or ....

  1. Are some people being to careful to their LV ?

    I mean, reading some of the threads in this forum I've seen people telling how they were DEPRESSED because they had seen a bag with dirt on, a watermark or something on the bag . I mean, come on - what happend to the : Use your LV all the time and in all kind of weather ? How will your ever enjoy your bag, if you can't bring it on the rain 'cause then you'll get watermarks on the vachetta . Or you can't put it down because then it will get dirty..

    Sorry, but I thought the bags were able to hold on a lot of years even if it got wet and dirty. - At least the ones I've bought are.
  2. I mean everyone is different. It's kinda like you wouldn't walk around in dirty tattered clothing, why do it with a bag. You maintain your colthes don't you. Some feel that a bag just like clothes needs to be maintained. Some are also the same way with shoes. Everyone just has a different approach to taking care of what they have which I believe is the way it should be. Everthing you wear from your clothes, accessories, and hair is a statement of who you are, and believe it or not says a lot about you.
    Just my opinion.
  3. i agree with you, sometimes some people go overboard! but i think most people on this forum just love and respect their bags and treat them well because of it. :smile: I personally am not TOO careful with them, but at the same time i make sure not to put it on the floor or whatever. but i do have a limit u know?

  4. ITA.
  5. Well...I am uber-careful with mine....I don't put them on the floor because of germs and diseases and it's just gross.
    And I pay a lot of money for my bags....just like I do with my car and I am careful with that too!
  6. sometimes we do go overboard a little, but some of the bags I've talked about have been trashed and shouldn't be carried regardless whether they're lv or not. we are, for the most part, pretty passionate here about handbags and we notice this sort of thing. This is a Purse Forum, afterall. There's not a bag made that can withstand constant abuse without looking terrible. Ordinary people don't notice these things the way we do!
  7. Well...If I pay upwards of $1000 dollars for a bag....I don't want to see DIRT on it ever!!!!

    In fact I don't want to see anything on it, except maybe a cute charm!! LOL!!

    No, really though, it's true, and also bags do not retain their value if they are destroyed with dirt and water. ANY leather item will be ruined with dirt and water. Bad mix!
  8. Well, only about after one year of owning my first LV then I began to relax. :p
  9. ITA! :yes:
  10. I try to take good care of my bags. I do expect and want my vachetta to patina to the beautiful rich color.
    However, I think most people do NOT want grime or uneven coloring on it.
  11. True! I don't go overboard with my bags, as I bought them to use. I used to be ridiculous about the vachetta on my LV's but now I won't not carry it just because its cloudy outside and may rain. Given I'm not going to stand out in the middle of a rainstorm but you KWIM.

    One thing I will not do is set a bag down in a public restroom. First I all I can't stand having to use public restrms but when nature calls..........Matter of fact, I pretty much won't set my bag down in most places unless I know its clean. ie, my house :lol:
  12. Personally, I don't care if it's a cute leather bag from Target, or a $900 Alma.....I wouldn't want to carry either one if it were dirty, grimey, or tattered. One of my most favorite bags was a black leather and cloth bag, mid-range Coach type, and once the lining started to show some wear, I gave it to charity. I think that many of us like to take care of our things regardless of the cost, though I know I certainly couldn't easily replace a LV without saving for it, so I do baby those more.
  13. I am careful with my accessories because I don't have the luxury of replacing them if I ruin them.
  14. I can see what you are saying......

    But some bags that are looking like its been through more than wear and tear and seems a bit untidy of the person to take care of it in that what we are noticing.....

    If you saw someone with shoes that are all stained, coming abit loose and the person is stepping on dirty stuff.....would you not take notice?? Its kinda like we are keen on bags so we pay attention to it, is
  15. My first few LV's and Chanel I was such a freak about getting them dirty, but as they get older I think you get a little more laxed. Its just so exciting to get a new bag, that you hate to see it getting dirty.

    Kinda like my first Louboutins...I was so sad to wear them and see the red sole disappear.

    I've gotten more lax with my bags as I've accumulated more, but I am careful where I set them still. If I am going to go somewhere like a football game and be tailigating on a dirty lot, I'll take my Prada nylon bags that an easily be wiped :smile: