Is it just me or....

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  1. Is it just me or is everything beginning to look the same?
    I was in Chanel today in NM and the Chanel boutique in Short Hills and last week I was in Bloomingdales in NYC and everything looks the same. I feel like its the same bags and its about time for the new ones to come in. I desperately want a new bag, but I feel like everything looks the same. Am I the only one who is in need of some new arrivals?:nuts:
  2. we don't have chanel boutique here, all i can see is from the internet, and i'm still new with chanel, so... to me they are overwhelming LOL
  3. Lately I have been hungering for the classics--the cerf, jumbo flap, gst, etc...Very strange for me that I am not longing to see the next new ligne! :smile:
  4. Classic flaps are starting to look good to me now, I never liked them before. It was the patent blush flap that did it to me. I dont think everything looks the same, but I see the bags going in the same direction and some lines looking the same, but that is what builds the "brand". I think there is a great range of bags out now that apeals to everyone, maybe you just have every bag lol, then I can see be coming bored and ready for new things.
  5. Yeah, pretty much. I even saw some new Gucci that look way too much like Chanel.

    Maybe next time they will come out with some new bags
  6. I feel the same. Maybe we're just spending too much time looking/shopping for new bags that we know way too much about current inventory!! :happydance:
  7. Good point butterfliie.
    I think I am getting over saturated by constantly looking in Chanel. I am ready for new bags!!!
    I do this with gucci-I load up on new bags all fall and winter on new gucci bags than I am sick of the store. Than after NYE I start buying Chanel bags like my life depended on it.
    I think I will stay out of the boutique til Rock and Chain hobo comes out. (if I can wait that long)