Is it just me or what? My love for the red caviar classic flap w/ new chain has died

  1. Maybe is the long wait, maybe it's my uncertainty about the tone of the red color on the caviar, maybe I am just no longer into red bags, or maybe I am just so broke but still have other must-have items on my wish list, I feel that my love for the red caviar bag with the new chain has died I wierd when everyone is talking about it and get all excited about it? :confused1:
  2. Hikarupanda - I hear you!!! I feel like it's been such an emotional roller coaster ride. Not to mention, so many colors and other bags... I feel like getting all worked up would be setting myself up for disappointment. I know it's awful to think that way....
  3. ^ wow, I can't believe I am not alone!! For some reason I am just not sure if I would like the red tone after seeing tons of pics (but of the lambskin bags only) and they seem to all vary, not sure exactly how the red tone looks like, esp. on the caviar leather. And since I just got the blush patent classic flap I haven't even use....I seem not to be too excited about getting yet another classic flap, although I usually do like chanel flap bags....I don't know....
  4. Sometimes time, as it heals wounds, also heals bag lust. I can get really caught up in the moment when new pics are posted because the bags look so desirable. But when I actually let some time pass and take inventory of what I already own, said bags are no longer appetizing. I know it is customary to cheerlead spendy members and enable those who can't afford and although it is fun, it breeds bad habits. The bag du jour is usually up for sale on eBay or other venues not even a month or two after purchase. For many people, the thrill of finding it outweighs ownership.
  5. I'm still very excited. I can't wait to see everyone's pics. I'm gonna hold out for a lambskin jumbo (I'll find it somewhere!).

    I have done that with other bags. Like the Louis Vuitton Pomme D'Amour vernis. I kept going back and forth on the color, but when it finally arrived it was gorgeous and blew me away.

  6. well said! i guess i will keep my names on all the lists i am on, and i will still want to see it IRL, but if i pass onto this bag i am not too surprised.
  7. I'm still excited to get mine, although I've calmed down a bit. My other flap is lambskin so it will be nice to have the caviar that I won't have to worry about bumping all the time. I've been looking for a nice red bag for over year, so that probably adds to the excitement for me.
    Hikaru - I've felt exactly the same way about other bags (also shoes, etc.), so I don't think it's just you at all. I'm sure you'll find another to get really excited about!
  8. roey, you are soooo wise - so well said!!! I try not to get caught up in this, but it's soooooooooooo hard!!! :shame: :rolleyes: ;)

    I do think the red classic flaps are gorgeous though... :graucho:
  9. I am with you Hikarupanda, I was so excited for the red to come out in the classics that I didn't let the new chain bother me while waitlisting at several stores, however after seeing more and more pictures of the new chain I have gorwn to not like it more and more. One aspect of Chanel that I have always loved was the interwoven leather chain, while the red seems like still a great red I think I will have to pass on this one until Chanel makes a red with the classic chain that I really love.
  10. does anyone have a picture? i am thinking of getting a red caviar classic flap bag
  11. Were this pics of this bag floating around here? I have yet to see/hear anything about the new chain.
  12. The new chain is GORGEOUS! However, I love the chains on the reissues better than the chains w/interwoven leather on the classics.

  13. I love the python in red!!!
  14. too many bags... soo little time :crybaby:
  15. Me too. I feel same way. I don't like new chain and that bright red color. I like old classic interwoven leather and old red color of my Epi backpack. That is my dream bag for now :yes: