Is it just me or the quality of the Alexa isn't consistent?

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  1. Hi to all the mulberry lovers out there!

    I was just wondering, I have been wanting a Mulberry Oversized Alexa for a while and when I saw it in Plum, I knew that it was going to be the one for me! I've been on the fence between the Mulberry Alexa and the Givenchy Nightingale and was really bent on getting the Alexa until I saw it in person.

    I went to Singapore to hunt one down for myself and chanced upon a Regular Alexa in grape. I noticed that the leather wasn't too soft and even looked a bit cheap! I was extremely disappointed since I was already ready to buy. Although they had the oversized plum at another branch, looking at the leather made me turn to getting the nightingale instead.

    I was thinking that maybe it was just that specific piece I saw that may look 'cheap' - even brittle! Isn't it supposed to be soft?

    Hope to get your opinions about it, I'm still thinking about it but when I remember the leather, it was such a let down! :sad:
  2. Hi and welcome to the Mulberry forum.

    There certainly are quite big differences from one Alexa to another. Best advice I can give is: try and pick one from several or get someone you trust to do it for you. I have two and am very happy with the leather on both; I have seen others in the shop where the leather was awful looking. Quite brittle, cheap and papery.

    Good luck in finding your perfect Alexa!