Is it just me or is this ridiculous pricing?

  1. :wtf: Very pricey but if you're desperate enough,well....:shrugs: :smile:
  2. It's really ridiculous, but I bet someone will buy it.

  3. :upsidedown: you're probably right
  4. It's brand new and impossible to find in this condition so this fact explain the price.
  5. Yeah..that and you rarely ever see the PTI see a lot of the smaller wallets though.
  6. i saw it too and was like this :wtf: !! that's a alot of $$
  7. That is crazy price!!! BUT...if it's the one piece you've always been looking'll pay it lol
  8. Yoww! That's exspensive, but if you really want it...
  9. :shrugs:
  10. I don't think it will sell. I sold mine for $475. I thought it was a fair price since it was in used condition. I think people are finally wising up and not paying a lot of money for the smaller accessories anymore. I am trying to. I'm such a sucker for them though. I miss my PTI now!!
  11. Ummmm....yeah!!!!!

    Wishful thinking I guess.
  12. You wanna talk about RIDICULOUS pricing? Let's start with 88caviar, shall we? :roflmfao:
  13. oh la louis has also ridiculous prices. And for every of her items.

    In this particular case. If the wallet is brand new, the price is understandable. This line was limited.