Is it just me or is this auction weird???

  1. Looks like they just bought a ton of them to sell on eBay
  2. Why does the receipt only go to the first buyer? Couldn't the seller have requested gift receipts or sent a photocopy of the original? Seems very strange to me.
  3. i looked at what they are selling them for...less than what they paid
  4. If you notice the receipt mentions a MS Points card.. that's Mohegan Sun, a casino. My hunch is that they are buying the bags with their Comps & selling them for cash. I've seen this before.
  5. ahhhh
    what an idea...
    I wonder how low he would go then...ha ha
  6. Tinks, you are so observant! That totally makes more sense!
  7. what are comps?
  8. Seems like he is looking for about 300.00 a bag. Little does he know that Coach has all sorts of discounts floating around these days. With all the PCE cards we have gotten 300.00 for a med Carly is not a steal.

    Thanks so much for noticing the receipt. I assume this guy is a high roller with a wife or girlfriend who knows bags.
  9. They do buy them with the comps and I have actually bought a bag from this seller before.. it was legit. :tup: I did make an offer and they accepted lower than they were asking, but not by a ton. it's been a while so I couldn't tell you what they took. :shrugs:
  10. I noticed that too!
  11. Where can they redeeme their "comps" points? Is there a Coach Store at the casino?
  12. I noticed a few different names on the receipts, very interesting. I wonder what Coach would think of these people getting tons of bags for free then making thousands upon thousands of dollars... :s
  13. Yeah there's a Coach store at Mohegan.
  14. Ya that would be interesting to find out. The seller has almost all of the signature carlys out in both sizes and he has a ton of them for sale. He must be a very high roller....