Is it just me, or is the Spring Line more feminine and classic?

  1. I really took notice of the new spring line this year. My tastes run to bags that are both timeless and modern, and I felt the past few seasons for Gucci were going more into the 'Rockstar/trendy' direction.

    Any thoughts? I'm no fashion expert. Is it just me noticing this?
  2. I dont think its just you lol.

    I am more of a Chanel girl but I am really in love with Gucci this season. I'm also going to purchase some things, but don't know from where to start, it's probably gonna be shoes first!!
  3. Thanks Queen Mahra,

    I knew it wasn't just me. I have my eye on a specific bag, but will post on it after deciding. (lol-I've posted things on the fashion board, only to see them sell out shortly thereafter, or shoot to the top of the Saks bestsellers list-can't take that chance with this bag..:smile:)

    I love Old School Gucci, but it seems they've taken that this season and modernized it. They are luring me in!
  4. the spring line does have a very nice feminine touch to it. I won't be buying anything soon. I'm going to wait until the spring sale until i decide.. lolz
  5. oh i love their shoes this season! last season's were beautiful too but good thing I held out buying last season or else I wouldn't be able to justify buying this season. their cruise ready to wear line is so cute, esp the cropped pants, skinny denims and stylish shirts!
  6. could it be the small horsebit nail boston? ;)

  7. :nogood:
    Good guess though!

    I'm actually thinking of pulling the trigger today...we'll see. When/If I do I'll post pics. I've been too spendy lately, but this may be the 'go to' black bag I've been looking for.