is it just me or is the epi speedy 30 massive

  1. ok so i just got back from bal harbour and i went in for a red epi speedy 30 but i realized that it was about two inches longer than the monogram 30 when i compared the two bags side by side. its really weird even the SA thought so. she even went to the back and pulled out another epi speedy 30 thinking that the first was just oversized but it was the same size. i dont want to be walking around with a bag that looks more like a luggage/overnight piece. the really weird thing is that the epi speedy 25 is true to size. so why would the epi speedy 30 run big and not the 25? what's the deal?
  2. I don't know the answer, but I have heard that the epi speedy is a little longer.
  3. I only tried a Mono Speedy 30, and Mono Speedy 25. The 30 was too big for me. So I know I prefer the look of the 25.
  4. I've always preferred the 30 so it's just right for my needs and height/size.
  5. seems kinda big in the pics ive seen....
  6. Yes, the epi Speedys are a little big longer than the Mono ones. I wanted a 30 but eventually went for a 25 because the 30 looks big on me. I also wondered why too. Maybe it has to do with the leather vs canvas (more structured??) hm.....:shrugs:
  7. Yes it is big, but I love big bags!
  8. ^ I do get a lot of comments about how big it is though. lol. People are just not used to it!
  9. Yah, I had the Epi Speedy 30 before.
    I'd used it for a couple days and realized that it's too big for me.
    Now, I turn to the 25.
    Of course, Epi Speedy 30 is around 2" larger than my Mono one.
    And IMO the Epi Speedy is perfect on 25!!!
  10. the epi speedy 25 is bigger than a mono 25. i have a pic up in the speedy club i think- it's my mono 25, then epi 25 then damier 30. the epi 25 is really sized between the 2. it's like a 27. i think it's kind of small but it's cute!
  11. Epi speedy 25 is the size of a mono speedy 30. the epi speedy 30 is the size of a mono speedy 35.
  12. It's bit big for me but not too big for big bag gals..
  13. By the way, it's off topic, hows your mono mizi is doing? I hope you are not worrying about it anymore.
  14. hope this helps
    sizecompare.jpg sizecompare2.jpg 47b6d828b3127cce8a18a6dd6c8400000026108AZMXDdw2asp.jpg
  15. bag fetish, thanks for the photos, this has been something I've been pondering as well as I have an epi 30 on my list of wants, but I really can't do a bag bigger than the mono 30. It looks like it is wider than the regular speedy 25 but not longer from the looks of that aerial view in the middle picture. Am I correct or seeing it wrong? I would love it to be a little bigger than the mono 25. Thanks for any more info :smile: