Is it just me? Or is the 08 leather incredible?

  1. I just received my BG pink first, and the leather is heavenly! It's smooth, supple, and the color dye well saturated into the leather.

    I have to say, comparing my 07 black with my 08 pink, the leather on the 08 is definitely better! I'm just speechless right now, and am petting my BG pink first like an idiot.

    Anyone else feel the same?
  2. Congrats on the new bag!

    On the GH bags I've seen the leather is beautiful - very thick and smooshy and saturated. On the RH bags I've been a little disappointed but honestly have seen very few - just the stock they have at my NM.
  3. My 08 Bubblegum City is soooo soft ... although it seems a bit thin. My 08 Pale Magenta City was dry, but alittle bit of Lubriderm helped a bit. (edited to add: these are both RH)

    Congrats on your Bubblegum First ... it is such a pretty colour!
  4. I'm biting my nails and hoping for it to be true.
    I'll be able to officially answer this tomorrow!!:yahoo:
  5. The 08 magenta is quite different. I like the color, but don't understand why they couldn't make the color seep evenly into the leather. This year's magenta seems to have a rock-n-roll, heavily distressed, and uneven look. Which is why I didn't get one. It's unique, but not my cup of tea.

    BG pink and sky blue are two colors at my local NM that I love. The leathers on these two are truly, truly incredible. I wonder if the 08 black is this cool. I have to go back and check. If so, I might get a black city.

    I'll post close up pics later to share my excitement!!!!
  6. The ones that i've seen are definitely thick, smooshy and fabulous!! I'm very happy with it!
  7. i've actually been incredible disappointed with o8 leather... the EB day and city i felt were fabulous!, but everything else was thick, dry and stiff.
  8. I have 3 from 08 & they all vary greatly. My BG is smooth & yummy & thin, my EB is thinner than BG though breaks in nicely plump & my VT is so thick & deliciously chewy & breaking in deliciously!!! BUT I love them all. :love:
    pinkBG3.jpg BEBcity3.jpg BEBCity4.jpg bvt10.jpg bvt5.jpg
  9. As promised. Here is the 07 black and 08 BG pink.
    phpT5oGbxPM.jpg phpNphAJaPM.jpg
  10. Your pink looks amazing!

    Usually though, I'd have to side with the gals that say this year's leather (so far) is bleh.

    But again, your pink is truly TDF. Lucky gal!
  11. Beautiful! BG is such a great color, especially in a first because it's just a great little pop of color. Love it.

    pinkboudoir, love your VT! I'm keeping my fingers crossed the '08 turquoise leather will be like that. Have you treated it with anything?
  12. Congrats, Grande!!! The leather on you BG is so yummy!!! As for 08 leather, I did read alot of posts that their RH Bbags are on the thin EB City GSH's leather is more on the thick side, which is how I like it!!

    How about some modeling shots?:graucho:
  13. Grande Latte, your bags look amazing!!! The leather is TDF on both.

    In regard to the 08 bags in general, I've found that they vary a lot. I've personally seen some pink bags with very dry leather. I have a magenta wallet on order I hope that the leather comes back like your beautiful bags.
  14. Grande Latte, Your BG PINK is sooooo GORGEOUS!!! That 07 Black leather is TDF!!! :tup:

    ashshoptoomuch, Thanks. I love leather like that too but they do make the bag a whole lot heavier. No, I love not treated my VT with anything, it just gets better with wear.
  15. I hope the 08 is incredible. cuz i want one!