Is it just me or is it time..

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  1. For Sienna to get a new Balenciaga bag. I don´t think her black one looks that good anymore. Well, she use it all the time and I dare to say maybe her favorit...
    But really? is that really how that bag should look like. The handels looks really used...

    I don´t think it look that good in this pics..

    This one I think it looks good thou..

    Maybe it´s just the light that´s doing it, but what do I know.. :smile:

  2. erm, any other bag, I think I would agree with you, but I think the more beat up the balenciaga is, the more you want to carry it and adore it. Its still my most addictive bag. I have the blue, so its harder to use all the time, as it really shows the dirt, but I would love a black so I could really bash it and love it :smile:

    I also love that she really uses it! as opposed to somebody like Victoria Beckham who seems to carry hers just the once. You can imagine siennas full of her marlboro lites and all her crap, a real persons bag :biggrin:
  3. is she the one that has kids with jude law (YuM!!)???
  4. nope, that's sadie frost, his ex-wife if I remember correctly. Sienna is only his (ex?)girlfriend.
  5. i happen to own one like hers in coffee, and i admit, it's hard not to use it evertime i go out. i'm a girl who bring everything in my bag, and to change bags everyday is such a hassle to me, and when i love one thing, i tend to use it until i found something else that i love more.
    although i don't personally like her style and all (besides, i'm pro sadie, sienna seems to cling on jude all the time that it's getting annoying), but i like that she wears only a few bags, unlike VB or any other celebrities that can buy anything they want and showing it to people (although maybe unintentionally) that urges people (especially like us who loveeeesssss bag :P ) wanted them too :P
  6. No, Sienna is the one he was with when he boinked the nanny.
  7. i dunno, looks the same as any other bbag i've seen. i think they all kind of look beat up...isn't that supposed to be part of their charm?
  8. I don´t know, that´s why I asked... :smile: I´m not a Balenciaga expert... :smile:

  9. Don't think it looks beat up at all. The handles look the same on both sides so maybe that's the way it is? She looks great with it though, as usual.
  10. yes, she carries it very often, but i think that bag looks still stunning!!:yes:
  11. Her bag looks great! I like that she does not have a different bag in every photo. I really like the style of this bag and the fact that it can be worn with so many things.

    She has a unique style that is all her own. I have seen her with other high priced designer bags from time to time, but she always comes back to to her black bbag, which she really seems to like.

    There is nothing wrong with having a favorite bag as most of us probably have. She's only human. :P
  12. i like the fact that she wears her bbags a lot, unlike lindsay, she has so many nice bags and only wears them one time!!!!!
  13. Shesure is getting her monies worth :smile:
  14. I do like when people use their bags and not just puts them in a closet. I guess I´m just not a Balenciaga lover.. :smile:

  15. The bag looks in great shape!,I love it