Is it just me or is ebay rather tainted lately?

  1. Why is it these days that you do a search for say... a Marc Jacobs stam or a Balenciaga City and 20 plus bags come up for under $300. and maybe 5 in the $900 to $2000 range.
    Its scarey, you never know what your gonna get. And the people with these fake bags are making it harder for the people with the authentic bags to sell. The fake bag sellers are ruining eBay and the economy, and fashion for that matter!
    Sorry I'm just venting! :cursing:
  2. Yes its bad.

    The only thing you can do is report report report!
  3. ya its sad, no wonder eBay has gotten sued. just think about how much money these designers have lost because of eBay.
  4. :crybaby:Did you see where Meg Whitman said that counterfeits were down 60% on Ebay? I never laughed so hard! Counterfeits are disgusting but they also hurt the authentic sellers. People get the "I don't dare buy anything because it may be a fake" mentality. It's depressing....
  5. At least for Balenciaga bags there are as many counterfeit bags as ever. Sadly many of these bags are being sold for hundreds and even nearly a thousand dollars. Sometimes the seller had been scammed and didn't even know the bag was a fake (not that it should excuse the practice of selling fake bags). It also seems that the counterfeiters are getting better, and therefore, becomes more difficult for people to distinguish fake from real.

    In the Bal forum, we've had several sellers basically yelling at us for determining that their bags were fake. Others thanked us for the education and took their bags down. Sometimes it seems like a losing battle.
  6. Chanel and LV are out of control w/the counterfeits too. I saw a SLIGHT decrease about six months ago but they are back tenfold.
  7. I HATE IT! And...what REALLY kills me is I could find you 50 fakes an hour & a couple weeks ago they cancelled MY LV Suhali that I BOUGHT at LV!:cursing::mad::rant: WTF????
  8. I'm obessed w/ Gucci and bargain-hunt on ebay a lot. I have written down a list of sellers to avoid for my own reference, and the list has reached over 100 and keep adding on everyday!
  9. Not just you..the scammers are out of control. I believe eBay wants to control them..but there are just too many!

    I was in LV just a couple days ago and an SA was telling me of a customer of hers who ordered a retired wallet on eBay. The picture was of an authentic wallet. The wallet she received was not the one in the picture.

    You are generally okay on eBay if you pay with a credit card. At least they can protect you if you don't get what you ordered.
  10. Same on ebay australia! Three weeks ago there may have been 3 pages max, now there's 5 and I can tell you that there are less authentic bags than fake ones :cursing:
  11. Um, yeah? Who's looking over the listings as they appear (probably some team of monkeys with organ grinders and little red hats) I had a speedy 25 pulled even though it had the reciept and I was offering double money back if it was a fake... eh?:confused1:
  12. Yes, that is getting worse. I've seen people by bags for thousands of Dollars or Euros and nothing can be done. Ebay is a total pit and its a place where the motto should be "BUYER BEWARE"! I've been on for almost 9 years myself. I only sell/shop Ebay as a last resort for designer items.
  13. I would be soooo angry if they pulled my listing! :cursing: I'm angry for you. I just sold a speedy, thankfully they didn't pull it. It did however take me THREE times of listing it, since the first two buyers never paid! :tdown:
  14. Its NUTTY! And SUCH a pain for those of us who are legitimately trying to re-sell!
  15. WOW! Over 100! That's CRAZY!