Is it just me or is Ashlee Simpson trying hard to be the next Mary-Kate?

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  3. Good point! Notice the same red shoes...they both look great!!
  4. nah, I think she's just following the trends (or trying to) like everyone else :flowers:
  5. I think her style has gone more the MK route than her own.
  6. I think their style is quite similar. But I dont necessarily think she set out to look like MK.
  7. It's not only that :smile:

    But it would be cool if she had her own style, I think she's trying to hard :hrmm:
  8. yuck I don't like ashlee in the schlumpy look. MK carries it off better...not that that's a good thing in general LOL!
  9. ^I like the way MK does it for some reason. When Ashlee does it, it's not the same.
  10. MK rocks that look.
  11. Ashlee looks better of course. (But then again, that was a result of surgically altering her face). Mary Kate looks like a gremlin, ew.

    And I don't think Ashlee is copying her style at all. Anybody can look like a crackhead when they want to. Just skip all efforts to look classy and obtain odd looking arm candy.
  12. Don't think the style is copy but just following the trend of young Hollywood. Ashlee looks really good these days!
  13. I think she looks good... she's no trendsetter, but she still looks cute. However her bloke looks like a chipmunk!!
  14. bleh..she is trying too hard..I love "old" rock chick..
  15. Yeah I agree.
    I don't know why but I think she looks really nice nowadays. And for some even weirder reason, I think she and Pete make a cute couple. I'm a bit jealous. :push: