Is it just me, or has anyone else been converted?

  1. DULL, :sad:DULL, :crybaby:DULL, :sad:was my initial impressions of the FW07 colour swatches when they first came out a number of months ago. I was soooo disappointed.

    BUT how the tide has changed. :wtf:

    I saw the pictures of allyb's cinnamon day, and fell in love immediately and of course had to have one. I received it this week and it is truly to die for, the colour, the leather........:drool::drool::drool:

    After seeing other great pictures I'm also taken with tabac and mastic, and again know at some point will also add these to my collection.

    I can recall when the swatches came out a lot of tpfers commented on how they were equally disappointed. Have you all been converted too? :yahoo:
  2. Been converted to Balenciaga? Yes, I have been terribly corrupted. Just a sad, sad thing! :sos::lol:
  3. I have never been disappointed after seeing the swatches since I know those swatches cannot represent the real bags. They just give consumers an idea what is coming up. Balenciaga has been so good at colors. I might won't like all of them, but I know there will be at least two or more colors I will be carzy at.
  4. The leather.. is outstanding this f/w season... love the dark colors as well. :tup: Steel, Mogano, etc.
  5. I love most of the colours again this season but my favs are Sienna and Cinnamon and I have both in the Day style...:yes: .....and the leather is simply TDF!

    I saw Ivory today in London and that is just fab as well - like Chloes famous "Blanc" - a gorgeous creamy white....if only I didn't have a phobia about light bags :sweatdrop:
  6. Me too! I thought the 07/08 F/W colors would be BORING! However, I am truly obessed w/ the Tabac and even the Mogano is growing on me now! :p

    I am thinking of getting a day or city in those 2 colors. Any recommendations? :wondering
  7. Yup, me. Upon seeing the F/W swatches I confidently declared I wouldn't be purchasing anything from the collection. Now I'm drooling over cinnamon and steel, and sienna and mastic are nagging at me too. I'll keep my mouth shut next season. ;)
  8. I can't recommend the Mogano day enough. The colour and leather of mine is TDF. I can't stop looking at it.

    I'm also taken with the Tabac and think I will add this next. I don't think you would go far wrong with either.
  9. I know the feeling!!

  10. Fred&Ginger: THANKS SO MUCH for your insight on what bag and color to choose! :flowers:

    Most likely, I will eventually get BOTH colors (and maybe one in city and one in the day)! Can't wait to get my hands on the 07/08 F/W leather! :graucho:
  11. OH, did I miss the PICTURES???
  12. I've not posted any, yours trully reflected the glorious colour and chewy leather!

    When I've got tabac and mastic, I'll post a threesome!!
  13. OMG, I can't tell you how many times I looked at the swatches and thought, "Meh. Not for me!" Then I started seeing pictures of everyone's beeeyoootiful bags...and I've told this story before, but the MJ bag I brought the Vegas this past weekend BROKE on me while I was in Neimans and FI told me to pick a bag. I wandered back over to Balenciaga and FELL head over heels with the plomb city! I adore it!
  14. Have you ordered your taback and mastic?? Could you hurry? I just love my cinnamon!:p Did you also get a Day? That leather is just awesome!!!! And the tabac and mastic look just as divine!! So hurry...ok?:graucho:
  15. Definitely converted!!

    Since I received my Sienna City, I'm slowing starting to like this collection. I'll be receiving my Tomato soon:heart:

    I'm actually curious to see how Steel is IRL;)