Is it just me, or does the search icon work intermittently?

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  1. I mostly love the new design, but have an annoying little issue: on my iPhone 5, in the Safari browser, each time I click the magnifying glass search icon in the upper right corner to search, it turns into an X ...I click the X and the search icon returns...I repeat that action 1-6 times and usually the search box will appear after 3 to 6 tries ( but not always) - what the heck? am I the only one? :shocked:
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  2. That's funny, not just you. :smile: On my Samsung same thing I just tried it.. can't search at all, the cursor comes up off screen and doesn't type anything I just get the X over and over.. can't search at all on my phone. Definitely something's up!
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  3. I can't search at all. So frustrating!☹️

  4. Having this addressed asap!
  5. Thank Vlad i had same issue and its working now :smile:
  6. Why do you have that mustard colored line under your username?
  7. Hmmm strange! I dont know! :confused1:
  8. Can anyone tell me how to do a search on TPF? Thank you in advance :smile:
  9. It's not working for my lately either.