Is it just me, or does the Caviar shine fade after using the bag for a little while?

  1. I just have noticed that the more you use a bag with Caviar leather, the original shine begins to lessen. Has anyone else realized this or is it just me? :confused1:
  2. Hmm I only have one caviar Chanel so far in black (Baby Cabas, but it's washed caviar leather). I haven't experienced any fading whatsoever yet. Maybe it's more of just exposure to the sun?
  3. Hmm. Have not noticed any fading
  4. I've noticed that my black caviar flap looks kind of dull now too, after a few years.
  5. My black GST still has a nice sheen but I don't use it everyday. A leather wipe (purchased in the cleaning aisle of any grocery store) really shines up leather nicely. I love using them on my bags and wallets.
  6. my brown caviar actually got more shiny over the years... especially the part at the bag of the bag where it gets rub against my clothes :smile:
  7. Interesting. I don't know much about caviar leather.
  8. I noticed this to with my pst. I also saw a dull black pst and black jumbo caviar on display.
  9. I'm not aware of my bags changing in colour.
  10. My experience is that the leather softens and looks more sumptuous. I think it makes the bag look more lived in and sexy.