Is it just me or does it seem wrong to profit this way...

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  1. Not if it's going to protect people, but I'd never risk using something like that as they could so easily get it wrong
  2. True - I would rather go on mypoupette or on here.
  3. I personally wouldn't pay someone over eBay to authenticate something for me.
  4. I've used Carol I guess it's like the same thing?
  5. I only buy from boutiques, so I don't have to pay someone or find someone to say my purchases are real. That seems like way too much work for me.
  6. id just post on tpf's autht htis! love you ladies!
  7. Yeah... I'm with Karman.

    I wouldn't trust someone over eBay to authenticate for me, like I'd ever need it. If so, I would like to see what work they have done in their past so their credability can be valid.
  8. ^^I definitely agree. I wouldn't have them do it, I'd trust a service like CarolDiva/MyPoupette though. And I do see how she can charge for authenticating because it does take time and skill to authenticate bags.

    But never trust anyone on ebay that way.
  9. I think that this seller is a member here.
  10. I agree totally with LVBabydoll, it is time intensive to authenticate bags so I understand why there is a fee involved with Carol Diva or My Poupette, but authentication on Ebay, yikes, I would run from that as fast as my feet would carry me!
  11. I don't think I would use a service like that being sold on eBay, but if others want to, why not?

    Isn't it just a service like any other we would pay for?
  12. I agree 100%

    I wouldn't use this service cuz I only buy retail from the boutique, and I totally agree that it's just a service... Even if the person asks for a ridiculous sum of money, as long as there is a willing buyer, I don't see anything wrong with it. There's nothing illegal and immoral about it, provided that the person knows his/her stuff well and isn't just randomly calling X fake/authentic.
  13. I agree. But a member I've never noticed to post on the authenticate this thread. Which you'd think if they had the knowledge, they'd try to be helpful, or at least get some practice authenticating. Weird. :confused1:
  14. I think the fact that the seller has put it in the ebay forum is a really smart business practice & think that she knows her stuff.
    I feel confident in my own ability now to know what's authentic, but if I didn't, I would most definitely use her service- it's very inexpensive & right there on ebay where she can be found.