IS it just me or do snake bags creep you out?

  1. OK, Croc,gator and even lizard are all fine but snake skin...eeww! Creepy:yucky:! What do you think?
  2. It doesn't really creep me out...I just really don't like snakes so I don't think I would ever own a snake bag...there are a lot of threads about animal skins though, you should do a search!
  3. I seem to be creeped out by any of the exotics! Croc, snake, but the worst of all is ostrich!!! eeewww!!! Literally makes me shiver when I look at it!!!
  4. LOL thats soooooooo me! the look of it doesnt skeeve me (the idea does now thanks to that lovely article posted earlier this month) but something about the texture of zebra and snake skin bags gives me the heebie geebies
  5. They so creep me out!:nuts:
  6. Doesn't creep me out at all. I love snakeskin bags!
  7. I think ostrich is the worst looking leather, it creeps me out. However snake-skin is ok.
  8. All the exotic leathers creep me out, especially snakeskin because I am so afraid of snakes!
  9. I cannot deal with snake skin bags. I just can't.......
  10. I hate snakes in my yard, smooshed in the street, anywhere. Sometimes, since we live out in the country and they're everywhere, I am fearful that some have sneaked into our basement too. But to carry one on my arm in the form of a handbag, well, that would send me over the edge. I could never, ever do it.
  11. I hate snakes but would never wish any pain on them so I would not use a snake bag. There was a thread in the Chloe forum about snake bags and whether they were skinned alive and the general consensus was that they are not.

    There was an article in the Daily Mail a few weeks ago and they ARE IN FACT SKINNED ALIVE. They are put onto a tree with a screw hammered through their head and then skinned alive. They are then thrown aside once skinned and die an incredible excrutiating painful and very very slow death. So NO I would NOT use a snakeskin bag.
  12. Not a fan of the exotics - if i eat it, i'll carry it, lol.

    There is this one Croc clutch (i forget the designer) that comes in many colours and folds up - neat at first until I realized when unfolded it's a dead, dyed crocodile tail in your hand. it's just so..... savage?

  13. Me too and Ostrich too...looks like little moles all over the bag.
  14. I really don't like any exotic skins. I had a python bag but it felt too alive for me, truly. All the little individual scales just didn't appeal to me at all after carrying it a few times.
  15. Ah, so I am not alone! Thank you ladies! I feel so much better now! And a lot less like a character in a Woody Allen picture.