is it just me or do LV get so much better with age?

  1. I didn't think I would like it when my speedy's handles got darker but I LOVE it more now! Also is it just me or does the canvas seem to soften a bit with time and just get even nicer?
  2. ITA. I was looking at my Twin Pochette PM the other day and thought she had grown even prettier with age. It is softer and darker. Glad you brought this up in this thread!
  3. I think they get softer. I used to think the opening of my bags were so stiff when they were new, but not anymore.
  4. i'm with you.... honestly i prefer vintage LV where they already have even darkening patina thana new pale vachetta :p
  5. I am in the middle........I like white vachetta and golden honey colored vachetta as well
  6. Yeah im middle of the road too! i love the new Vachetta but adore vintage pieces!!!
  7. I definetly love it more when the vachetta darkens and softens. I don't really use my Speedy 30 much now because the handles are too light for my liking (just got it in Feb) . However once it gets darker, I am sure that I will be way in love with it! I never like the pale vachetta.
  8. all leather gets softer w/use. thoug I love virgin vachetta, but patina vachetta is much more 'mature' and classy:yes:

  9. AGREED!!~
  10. i wont carry an lv bag without a patina.

    i tan it get it golden and then start carrying it, i hate white vachetta and will not be seen with a bag in its new stage.

    i love golden and black and dark brown handles.

    ^ its gorgeous!
  11. I think the patina looks much nicer than the new.
  12. I like em all.... but love my sullivan gm with the gorgeous golden patina... azur will be so lovely with patina also... patina is one thing which is gorgeous, but I'm completely against water spots...
  13. I love the patina. I don't like it TOO dark but a nice honey patina is gorgeous.
  14. ITA! I was carrying my pop haut today and I couldn't stop looking at it...I love the way its patina-ing...I think I'm always going to carry it when it's sunny now, so it patinas even more!
  15. I'm Old School, the Patina all the way!