is it just me or do HH leathers smell exceptionally good??

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  1. i absolutely LOVE the way my HH leather jacket smells. ive been too lazy to put it away properly in my closet, and its just been sitting out in my room. but i dont mind because i can catch a whiff of it here and there, esp when i get into bed and its sitting near me.

    seriously, they need to bottle it up in a spray so i can spray it on my HH stuff if the smell goes away! of course, the smell of any lovely new leather bag is always a good thing, but HH leather is my favorite one :P i recall my mercer and nico smelling the same way when i had them....yum!:drool:

    anyone else feel the same way?
  2. That is too true! They should make HH perfume that smells like the bags!
  3. Yes,,, if they were to catch me on camera they would say i was crazy,,, i am always smelling my bag,,, not just a sniff,,,, but a long "drawing in" of serious fragrance maaaannnn!!!
  4. I do the same! LOL
  5. :yes: I take my Lorca out of it's dustbag just to sniff sometimes!
  6. That's what hooked me on HH--I couldn't get enough of the scent of my saddle Barnard! It's delectable...
  7. OMG Sirene!!! I was getting out of my car this evening and I turned around to grab my SADDLE BARNARD and it smelled so good. I was like, Damn That smells so good! How funny is that.
  8. I can hardly wait to get mine back from HH! The lining repairs are done and I'll finally be reunited with my saddle baby :cloud9:
  9. okay, i'm not crazy!! just an HH fanatic :smile:
  10. SO funny but I think that's part of what got me hooked too!