Is it just me, or are there issues/concerns to be had over the quality of Balenciaga?

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  1. i'm thinking of selling my baby paddy and buy a black first because i'm not 100% happy with the paddy since the hardware is chipping and i've had it for less than 8 wks. what's the quality like on balenciaga? is it durable? any problems with the leather or hardware?
  2. The leather on Chloe paddy is much thicker than Balenciaga leather so you might not get use to the thinness of the Bbag leather. However, although Bbags leather are thinner but they are very durable and can withstand alot of abuse. They are also much much LIGHTER in weight than your 10 lbs Chloe bags. :P Also, just to warn you... you might be heading for a crazy addiction. Once you get one, you can't stop! :devil:
  3. My understanding is that they hold up great over the years, but you can't be really abusive to ANY bag and expect it to continue to look good. But normal wear should be fine.

    If you get a light colored bag, some owners treat their handles with a protector called For Handles Only that prevents skin oils from darkening the leather...other than that, I haven't heard of any complaints. Most of my bags are current season bags, though, and even my 05 is brand new, so maybe a poster who has carried the bags for several years will chime in.
  4. i'm not abusive to my bags, its just seems as the coating for lock is not durable at all. i'll only be getting a dark bag because i don't want to stain it or have the handles darken.
  5. Then you should be fine...bbags break in beautifully, and many many owners swear their bags get more and more beautiful over time.
  6. Echoing everything Irissy just said...

    I just recently bought and sold an authentic Chloe Paddy and replaced it with a Balenciaga Twiggy. The Paddington was gorgeous, but so damn heavy:sad: I couldn't carry it. When my Twiggy arrived, I couldn't believe it was so lightweight -- with all the same stuff in it! I was actually afraid that the leather, being so much thinner, would just rip as I carried it around. Not to worry. This bag is built like iron -- I think BETTER than the Chloe.

    And yes... :shame: it was followed rather quickly by the purchase of another Bbag! Someone stop me!!!
  7. I've heard there have been problems with Paddingtons chipping.

    I've never really heard of Bal bags chipping... sure, after having it a long time you might get a scratch or two on the hardware, but I consider Balenciaga very durable.

    I also echo the sentiment... I just got my first Balenciaga and now I need (not want) more! They are addictive.
  8. i love b bags quality...
    but i'm a worn-in girl :P
  9. Yes, the gold aparently chips off???
  10. I have had one of my Balemciaga cities for 3 yeaRS...and use it very very consitantly...I also am VERY rough on my bags, and I haven't had one problem (there are some things that were OBVIOUSLY my fault, aka a ink stain) But the leather is still strong and beautiful and the color stays really nice...just overall I don't think balenciaga can be best friend has a dark grey paddy and with in 3 months of wearing her lock chipped AND the paint on the leather seams was wearing off like mad!

    And like everyone else prepared to become ABSOLUTELY ADDICTED to balenciaga!
  11. oh and BTW I actually think most balenciagas get better with age because on most the handles stretch out slightly and in my opinion it looks great and more comfortable on your shoulder when they do.
  12. I find Balenciaga bags to be just as durable as Chloe bags (they certainly have to be considering all the stuff I lug around with me). But as it has been mentioned it may take some time for you to get used to the leather difference. I have had no problems with either leather or hardware on my Bbags. As to the Chloe :sweatdrop: my lock chipped within the first week. But I bought it expecting it to chip, I just find that it gives the bag character.
  13. Ever since I got the black city, I have worn in 6 out of 7 days in a week. I just always end up grabbing it when I step out of the house b/c it's the most comfortable to wear and fits everything in w/out being bulky. The leather is surprisingly durable and I love the way it slouches....unlike my heavy MJ stam that I adore, but gets heavy after 5 minutes of carrying it.
  14. I kinda abuse the hell out of my bag (black city), lol. I used it for school for a whole semester - packed it with books, threw it around on the school floor (:yucky:), swung it over my shoulder carelessly - very, very careless with it. It's 2 years old and looks like new - no tassle splitting, no rips or tearing. I was nervous about the leather in the beginning because it is on the thinner side, or so I thought - because it's held up wonderfully - it literally looks the same as the day I got it.
  15. I've been through my share of purses and just within the last year or so have I gotten hooked on balenciaga. They are great! The leather, the feel, just everything about them. I cant see myself purchasing another brand any time soon.:yes: