Is It Just Me Or Are There Alot More Rude People On Ebay Now.

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  1. In The Past Couple Of Weeks I Have Been Having People Email Me On eBay (i Am A Seller) For No Reason With Just A Rude Comment. People These Days Have No Couth.
  2. Yeah I know what you mean. In the past, two examples have stood out to me.
    First was when a lady bought a lot of 3 tops I was selling...she waited 4 days to send me her paypal payment (echeck, and I always wait for them to clear) then emailed me 2 days later basically chewing me out wondering where her tops were. She said she had been scammed before and didn't want to be scammed again. She had about 10 feedback comments as opposed to my 500+, all positive comments which I KNOW she didn't bother to look at. Ugh she was rude.

    And second, this one lady emailed me out of nowhere about a lot of books I had up. One book was $22 in stores (it was hardcover and had just come out) and the other was $12, I listed them for a starting bid of $10. So she emails me saying, "You know, if you'd lower your price, you'd get more interest and I'd consider bidding." :wtf:
    I was so glad when the lot sold for $30, I hoped she saw that.
  3. I really hate such this buyer!!! Even can't understand why they've bother their time to send such that email :cursing: act such they're eBay & marketing Guru.
  4. Lately I have gotten rude comments for no reason, people arguing over advertised shipping prices, and refusing to's unbeliveable.
  5. They are getting more and more feral. Recently I sold a pair of sass & bide LE jeans that I bought a few weeks earlier but sold them on as I have been losing weight pretty quickly, and these jeans have stretch so they were fine as soon as I wore them but quickly began to give. I get a message from a member questioning ME over my weight loss QUOTE "that's alot of weight to lose in two weeks"... WTF???:cursing: I wonder sometimes if people have anything constructive to do with their day. I also had a new Antigua GM (unwanted pressie authentic nonetheless) listed, and get an msg from a lady who was chiding me for listing an authentic LV 'that was obviously fake because of the hang-tag' (Uh, that's a luggage tag, love :rolleyes:)
  6. I had someone out of the blue email me and say "if your pictures weren't so lousy, maybe there'd be more interest."!!! Okay, they weren't the BEST - it wasn't for a bag or anything, and I did take clearer pictures (it was a good point), but then I emailed him and told him he was rude and could have worded it a lot nicer like "could I perhaps see a clearer picture" and leave it at that.
    I then promptly blocked him as a bidder and sure enough, about 6 hours later he writes "so I made a good point, but now you're blocking me?" I didn't even respond. He was just ITCHING for a fight.....:nogood: :rant::boxing:
  7. ^^
    LOL! I got that same type of email. The b!tch told met that my pics were lousy and I needed to take my winnings and buy a new camera. WTH?!!!! I was so ticked...I didn't even know how to respond. How freaking rude!!!!
  8. that was very rude of her but the bolded statement is funny lolol i could just hear myself saying that (not about your camera but i could hear myself saying "can you believe this ***** told me that my pics were lousy??")
  9. Some of these stores are nuts!! :wacko:
  10. oh my i thought it was just me but now i see that it wasn't.
  11. I have had people tell me "I can get this for $50 less on (whatever) website!". I congratulate them, and tell them to go right ahead. But I also inform them not that politely that not every website ships to every country, and I am making the item available to a larger audience.

    And then I say out loud, "so STFU". :censor: