Is it just me...or are the prices of LE getting out of control???

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  1. So I've only been collecting for just over a year....but in that time several LE lines have been released.
    I remember when the Miroir speedy released we *****ed and moaned about the $1200 price tag...most expensive speedy at that time (aside from exotic).
    Then came Dentelle ($1420) and patchwork ($2200-ish) the F/W line the speedys are tentatively priced at $2000.
    And it's not just the speedys.....all these LE bags seem to be getting outrageously priced!

    I'm still going to pay it....but it just makes me wonder why this is happening? The demand is there...therefore they can do it? Is quality/workmanship really that much better?

    What do you all think?
  2. i was thinking the same thing. i dont remember the cerises being that expensive.
  3. I think it has to do with the whole " LIMITED " factor, meaning that if people want a bag that wont be around in say a year then they most likely will pay for it, plus the cost of materials and the exclusiveness of the bag itself. I am sure it takes a great amount of time for them to make a patch work denim speedy so that can make the cost more expensive too, same with the LVOE totes, those take 20 plus hours to make even though its made of canvas and satin lol! just my two cents ;).

    plus think about it "LIMITED/SEASONAL" bags are just for that year or collection, of course it is going to cost more, its not something that will always be around.
  4. LV (and other brands) prices are getting out of control.:rant:
  5. ITA its crazyy!
  6. It's getting crazy!!! I love LV, but most are really not worth the outrageous price. I have the patchwork speedy and yes, it does have a lot of detail, but is it really worth $2000? I think not!!! Don't get me is my FAVORITE LV right now, but the prices are getting insane!
  7. i've been noticing that too. some purses are getting triple digit price increases regularly.
  8. i know!! it's getting outrageous!! :rant: what's scary is that the lookbook prices are already insane enough but we all know they will be even higher when the LE items actually come out!! how is a girl (or guy) supposed to obtain some of these highly covet LE items without having to sell an organ?
  9. lol they could always turn tricks lol :graucho:

    totally kidding lol
  10. Super easy economics explanation- the Law of Supply for the LE items and the Law of Demand for LV period.

    If demand is held constant, an increase in supply leads to a decreased price, while a decrease in supply leads to an increased price.

    If supply is held constant, an increase in demand leads to an increased market price, while a decrease in demand leads to a decreased market price.
  11. i guess i would rather have outrageous LE prices than have price increases on the permanent items.
  12. point well taken except the fact that LV will not decrease their prices lol
  13. You also need to factor in the price of gas/oil which is needed to ship the materials from one place to another. Believe it or not, this has an impact.