Is it just me or are more and more people

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  1. declaring their eBay ids on here when it is against the rules?

    Things are getting complicated at times.

    Hey maybe its me but it just seems more and more people saying oh yeah thats me and lots of debates kicking off.

    Should we not all be abiding by the rules and not disclosing our ids

    Just a wee late night thought - dont mean any harm by it
  2. Honestly....I don't know that they couldn't tell their eBay ID's. Don't we have a thread in the shopping portion where we recommend certain sellers? It would be more comforting to me to know that I am buying or selling to someone that I could trust (contributing pfer) than someone I don't know. What do you think?
  3. I remove them when I see them.
    We rely on you, our members to help us, if you see someone posting their ID, report the post by clicking on the little triangle/exclamation point under their name.
  4. NO ONE is allowed to post their eBay user ID or their own auctions here, this is a bannable offense:yes:
  5. Pquiles

    Yes it quite clearly states in the rules that this is not allowed. I know we can discuss ebay sellers in that post in particular but if it is a PF member they are not allowed to come forward and say heh thats me. I think thats right too as this board is not for self promotion and more and more it's happening and with that comes more and more tense conversations. I think it works well without all that.

    Swanky I always fire them off to the mods and always comment on no posting ebay id here.

  6. Incindentally Pquiles - on that point I yes would think its more comforting to be dealing with someone here but I just came out of a nasty situation on that one so I am sticking with the legit ebayer sellers that everyone recomends and I have never had troubles with in the past.
  7. I'll make sure I don't do it and will look out for others. Thanks Swanky Mama of Three.
  8. whoa whoa! People ARE allowed to say, that's mine, it's real.
    But that's pretty much it:yes:
  9. What's to stop a Tom, Dick or Harry from joining and posting a few comments before flagging their auctions... it's a fine line.
  10. Lean

    That has actually happened a couple of times!

    I guess we just need to keep everyone here as safe as can be and protected in our wee little family
  11. Cool Swanky thanks for clarifying that one.
  12. I certainly see how this could be a problem. Before you know it, anyone could just start posting so that they can make us feel comfy with them, then WHAM!! they've infiltrated la familia with fake goods.:wtf:
  13. Yep, I've seen it too secret. :push: I've seen my own auctions posted here, and have always restrained myself from saying IT'S ME IT'S ME BUY BUY BUY! :yahoo:
  14. Yeah. It doesn't take long to build post counts. Especially with those one word games. :wlae: I guess that's why MP is hard to get into, which I'm glad about. Anyone can post a few comments, but it takes time to actually contribute and be an active member. I'm still trying. Contributing that is! Look at me Swanky! Look at me! :nuts: Heheee... Joking. I still have months and months to go. <sigh>
  15. Yes i saw a question about a scarf of mine I had to restrain myself from hollering "It's mine, it's real" but Swanky has just said we can do that, so that's good.