Is it just me or are Coach gals.......

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  1. ........also Louis gals as well. I can't help but notice in many threads the pics of all your gorgeous bags, but not only Coach's lots of Louis!! I totally love both the same. Maybe because not only are these bags hot, they're durable as well. I have other designers, but not as resistant to weather, knocking around as these 2 brands, and I'm hard on my bags!:heart: my COACH & LV!

    Haven't found anything I want from Louis for fall yet, but.....

    ....just got XL Zoe in black and Legacy Med. Shoulder bag in Bronze! :biggrin:
  2. I for one am solely a Coach gal and I only like leathers. LV coated canvas with logos on it just doesn't do it for this Coach gal.
  3. I'm pretty much a leather fan too, but I think more Coach fans are into the signature fabrics overall. I'm a Coach, BE, RM, Balenciaga fan myself!
  4. I'm a fan of Louis bags but not Louis price tags! :yes:
  5. Not me... I've never been a LV fan at all. I do buy brands other than Coach, though, but right now I would say I buy mostly Coach products.
  6. Oh yeah...I agree with the other posters. I won't say I'm solely leather, but I'm at least 99%. I've had a few siggy pieces here and there, but currently only have two siggy bags, and one is the coated canvas. I tend to like that more in the smaller accessories than bags, but I'm always open-minded. If I like it, I'll definitely buy it!!
  7. I don't care much for LV at all. But then again, I am also turned off by Coach sig bags. On occasion I'll see a LV leather bag I like, but if I were to spend that kind of money on a bag it would definitely NOT be an LV. I prefer chanel, chloe, miu miu, and MJ.
  8. haha ditto. one day ill buy a Mahina XXL. one day... after winning the lottery slash marrying rich. :P
  9. Ditto!:tup:
  10. I am!! In fact, LV has been winning me more than Coach lately (notice the avatar lol), but I may be coming back around to Coach this fall.
  11. Not me.
  12. I am an LV gal, but I occasionally dip my toes into other waters. I have owned two Dooney makeup bags, and I just bought my second Coach keyfob today. A new Coach store just opened up in the local mall this past week, so I'll probably look at more Coach items in the future.
  13. LV is my love but lately I've been pulled in to Coach with their leather bags. Big plus for Coach with the price difference too
  14. Same here. :P
  15. I like Louis, but if I were to pay that much for a bag, I'd go straight for Chanel--Chanel is my naughty obsession, and I still maintain that I will own one some day:girlsigh: maybe after I graduate and get my first decent job...but I wonder how crazy scared I would be having a $1500+ bag!