Is it just me, or am i never gonna be able to be happy working?

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  1. Hi TPFers!

    I'm 23, graduated last year and got my first job in April this year and have been working since then. I was ok at first and quite enjoyed it, earning my own and all, being financially independent from folks at home as well as having the ability to purchase my own bags etc which was :yahoo:

    However, i've been feeling really $hit about my job recently. There's been many dramas since i started and i think it's beginning to take its toll on me. My job is a high stress one and doesn't offer a lot of support for a new graduate like me. It's a male dominated industry and i'm the only female in higher management working out in the field. All the other ladies work in Admin.

    Since the end of September, i have been really unmotivated, i go to work late, i can't sleep at night, i leave early and basically i just dread to go to work everyday.

    I have been looking for other jobs recently and am applying for a few but i was just wondering if it was ever possible to find a happy medium job where i don't mind waking up for at all???

    Any thoughts?:s

    Sorry for the long post.
  2. i think it is possible. perhaps you'll just be one of those people who constantly needs to switch from job to job to keep it 'fun'. and maybe your first job just wasn't the right fit for you. drama in the workplace cause really wear you out completely. hopefully you'll find a new job that you'll love :smile:
    i'm 25 and already on my 2nd full time job and i don't plan on staying here forever. i think it's been said that the average amount of years that someone stays at a job is 5 years? that's a lot of job changing!
  3. im the same way, i dont like working, everytime im at work i always think about what i could be doing instead of being there. ive always wanted a job where i could work for myself from home and until then i dont think ill ever be truley happy working. i might sound a bit unrealistic but i hope to get there some day. until then ill just grin and bear it.
  4. Thanks for your replies ILuvShopping and moniqueevertse ...what sort of work do you guys do?
  5. Hi there, you are really young, of course it will take you some time to find the job where you are most happy. Set yourself a date, maybe 3 or 6 months, reassess how you feel and take action on that date. That way you wont keep stressing about it. Its your life, you can change anything whenever you like. |Good luck
  6. Well I'm one of those people like ILuvshopping said, I cant stay at a job too long because it gets boring and I need something new and exciting in my life. I'm 27 and I still have not found that job yet. My current job I have only been there for about 4 months now and I am already looking for another job. I think whenever I find that perfect job that I will always be happy with, I will have hit the jackpot.
  7. I can relate (I'm almost 26). I have been at my job about a year and a half. I think it is hard to find a good fit and even if you like your job, you don't like everything, of course, unless it is your business and you are working for you.

    Sometimes, I don't want to go in at all or when I am there, I have no motivation to do anything!!!! It has been getting better for me though, because I am starting to be assigned to more files that i enjoy the subject matter. Recently, I was thinking of changing employers, but it may work out, but this is not my forever employer.
  8. You're still young and you have a lot of time to find the right place for yourself. It sounds like you just haven't found it yet. But yes, you can find something where you have a better fit.
  9. it's definitely possible. i didn't like my first two jobs out of college. one of them required very long hours and was very stressful (retail management) and the other was inside sales which i absolutely hated. it takes awhile to find something you really like doing. i'm not satisfied with where i'm at a now but at least i don't mind getting up and going to work. i'm getting my MBA through my company and hopefully i'll be able to find a job i enjoy going to afterwards.
  10. im 23 as well and graduated last year. My first job out of school was a real joke. answering phones. however, I got this Legislative Assistant job and I absolutely love it. although i am pretty posititve that this is not what i want to be doing for the rest of my life. I plan on going back to get my masters and/ or law degree. I say that to say this, we are still young and still have a chance to really branch out and experiment in different fields to where we can enjoy our work.

    I think the fact that you are not enjoying your job, tells me that you might have an idea that you are heading in a direction where you know what you want and what you dont want. Its better than settling at a job for years only to realize when its time to retire that you wish you had done other things.

    I know a woman who worked at a job for 30+ years (not exaggerating) and was so unhappy for those years.She recently switched positions, but you can hear how she felt that she has wasted her life at this job when she could looked at other options. we are still young and have the chance to look around and see what else is in store for us.

    i want you to know that you are not the only one who has no clue what she is going to do with her life. Im still trying to figure it out
  11. i hope to have this at some point in my life as well! not sure if it will ever happen because i really don't have any motivation to start my own business.

    my degree is in graphic design. right now i work for a small non-profit company doing their graphic design stuff, managing their website and random office work. I also work a part time job because this job doesn't pay me enough to pay all my bills. About 80% of the time i really have nothing to do. I sit here... (THANK GOD FOR TPF!) and do nothing... and at times it's really draining. The flip side is that i'm glad i don't work for a major corporation where you're watched by big brother at everything you do.
  12. I think it's a pretty common in the workplace nowadays for people to expect to love their job/work, but in reality, it's probably more fair and realistic to say people generally either *like* or *tolerate* their job/work, or just don't hate it as much as working elsewhere, KWIM? Of course, there are people who truly love their job/work, so I don't want to overly generalize. They are rather lucky.

    I'm 37 and have consistenly fluctuated up and down in all of my jobs, even now as an executive...sometimes absolutely loving it, sometimes "meh" and sometimes hating it so much I just want to quit on the spot. It comes and goes, depending on work and non-work things going on in my life.

    You have to weigh your options, as well as seriously think about what type of work/role/responsibilities would make you happy and what you need to do to get there, whether it's a feasible change in role & responsibilities, or change in employers. Also of consideration is determining how you would position making your change to the deciding party (e.g. supervisor/boss or new company). Sometimes this exercise has helped me clarify my feelings about my work and I snap out of the funk...or change my situation for the better.
  13. I also wanted to add, one key thing I've learned is to do my best to not engage in workplace politics/drama. This has helped me keep my focus on work and to "get in, do my stuff, and get out at night" with less dissatisifaction overall.
  14. I'm also 23. What really helps me day to day is knowing that WORK is WORK. It is never going to be as fun as whatever else you like to do. That's why you get a paycheck for it (whereas, so many things we enjoy we have to pay for!).

    Once you stop expecting it to be some kind of ideal situation, it will get easier to accept the up and downs that come along with professional life.

    May I ask what industry you're in? Age 23 and already in "higher management" is pretty impressive. I'm the "Marketing Director" of my firm but that's because I'm the ONLY one! lol And I don't manage anyone.
  15. Thanks for your input everyone, i feel so much better with your support.

    I can't wait till i get another job offer then i can submit my resignation and escape this horrid area. I didn't mention that i'm a 100% city girl and am working in a rural isolated country town did i? I feel so cut off from civilisation here and am really desperate to move back to the city..fingers crossed something comes up soon.

    Intlset: I'm a livestock veterinarian here in this company and i oversee all livestock operations in this area. I don't "manage" people and am pretty much similar to you in the sense i am the only vet here and work with the other guys in the field to solve production issues they have etc...