Is it just me or am I getting taller?????

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  1. A few days ago when I visited the my local Coach store, I tried on some of the bags that Coach claims you can wear as a crossbody. But I noticed that the straps for the newer collections are shorter compared to the past collections.

    A good example is the Poppy Groovy. When the first line of Poppy Groovy came out, I remember trying them on and it sat down comfortably to my hips. Now, the new collection seems to be up to my waist!

    Another bag is the drawstring one. On the Coach website, the drawstring sits nicely on the mannequin's hips but when I tried one on, I feel half of my body being strangled by this bag because the straps isn't long enough. That mannequin on the web must be a really petite.

    Even the new hippie line have shorter straps compared to the previous ones!

    To make things worse, some of these straps are not adjustable. Coach, I just hope you're not doing this to save on material. I think it's great to have long, adjustable straps to suit your clients.

    Thanks for reading. :biggrin:
  2. This is good to know - I was considering ordering the new hippie, but I suppose I will have go into the boutique to try it on. That is a little ridiculous that they shortened their mannequins!! Maybe you ARE getting taller... Growth spurt?!?
  3. Amen sister! :biggrin: I don't know what the deal is with the newer items have such short "crossbody" straps.
  4. yeah, the strap on my new hippie is too short for me to wear it cross body. I'm 5 ft 8.
  5. I knew it. I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing it. I'm 5'6 so I really like the straps to be long.
  6. This happened to me numerous times. I can't wear most bags that are made to be crossbody that way. They sit around my waist!! I'm tall as well. And I'm personally not into adding hooks/switching straps to make it right. If it's not right, then I don't buy!! But I don't wear bags crossbody much.

    The exception is the crossbody Brooke swingpack. Or I guess any swingpack. They fit much better but don't hold much.
  7. You are absolutely right with the Brook Swingpack. I almost bought one but I backed out.
  8. When I was at the outlet the other day they had the new mmf convertable zoe. A zoe with a crossbody strap. When I tried it on it sat kind of short on me (I am 5.6 and 105lbs), it looked sort of strange!
  9. Well I'm 5'10', so can you imagine how I feel. The only crossbody that's ev er fit me like a an actual crossbody is a vintage legacy handbag and I just purschased a leather Brooke swingpack that actually looks pretty good. My Julianne Spectator and grass Julliane will have to have a few dogleash clips to make it long enough (thanks again Peggle). Nothing like short straps to make you feel awkward.
  10. That's so true. The straps are a great length but you can only carry very little.
  11. I hear you. If it's tough for me to find the perfect length for a crossbody then you must be really having a tough time finding a bag with long straps. The strange thing about Coach is they use a small mannequin to model their bags and when it comes to the crossbody bags, they look like the perfect crossbody. It's quite disappointing.
  12. I think you're right and I do hope Coach isn't doing this just to save on material. I'm 5' 9" and the longer strap on my new Cambridge zip tote isn't quite long enough for crossbody. I just wish it was a bit longer. I hope I'm not getting taller!
  13. I'm only 5'4" and the op art julianne just hits just under my ribcage!!! I can't use it cross body now...
  14. Maybe the longer strap is supposed to be a shoulder strap, too? I use the longer strap on my Cambridge zip tote as a shoulder strap and it feels nice and comfy that way and looks good.
  15. wow I didn't know about the difference in the new groovys... I love my black sig one from last year at Disney it was the perfect bag :O).. I may have to hunt down a few more of the older ones :O)
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