Is it just a pipe dream?

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  1. Hi,I desperately need some advice and thought you ladies will be able to help. It's a bit of a long story, but please bear with me....

    I have a significant birthday fast approaching and I had promised that I would treat myself to a wonderful, classic Mulberry handbag to mark the occasion. Unfortunately, I have had to give up my job unexpectedly due to sudden illness and that has really thrown a spanner in the works.
    Determined not to be beaten, I decided that I could still go ahead and buy myself a Mulberry, but it would have to be secondhand. However, I have been following bags on eBay and feel very depressed as my budget of £150 (maybe slightly more at a stretch) seems totally inadequate. I don't have any particular model in mind as they all look beautiful to me. I just know I don't want a really small bag that is full once you've put your purse & mobile in! I'm not someone that carries around the kitchen sink, but do like to be able to carry a few bits n pieces.

    I have been to Bicester recently but, as far as I could see, all the bags were well over my budget (no seconds or special editions). I've just been looking at the viability of going to York or Shepton Mallett, but the train fares from London are prohibitive, and I don't drive so that's knocked that idea on the head. I don't even know if they would sell anything within my budget, although I did read a thread somewhere about a member buying a bag for £148 from York in 2008.

    Is it just a pipe dream? Am I being totally unrealistic and should I abandon the idea? Sometimes I need someone to knock some sense in to me when I get carried away with an idea!!
  2. If you can make a decision about the style of bag you think you would like to get you can call the outlets to see if they have that bag in stock and they can take payment and mail the bag to you.

    Why don't you save for a little longer to get a bag you really want rather than rushing to just have any Mulberry bag? I don't mean that in an offensive way at all. I just know from past experience that you are much better to get the bag you really want than to make do.

    You shouldn't abandon your dream of having a Mulberry bag if that is what you really want!!

    How long is it until your birthday? xx
  3. It's not totally impossible.
    I think as it's a one off classic that you want...see if you can get some idea of what you want.
    Usually the outlets have roughly 50% off and a while ago the Bayswater clutches were selling for £149..lovely classic bag in nice leathers and surprisingly roomy inside.
    I think you should definately have a style in mind otherwise you may be swayed by the price instead of your love for the bag
    Be careful on Ebay, get everything authenticated firstly.
    I do think you could get something lovely which is close to your budget but you may have to be patient. Sometimes half the fun in buying is tracking down that one bag!
    Sorry to hear you are unwell, hope things improve for your soon.
    Good luck
  4. Welcome sme99 :P

    I agree with Loopy, Mulberry won't disapper over night, so why not wait a little longer & save some more. There will be Xmas sale time soon, if you can make yourself at Bicester on the day that would be a great chance I would say.

    Also, have you considered Target Mulberry on eBay?

    Good luck, if you can find a vintage middle size Mulberry bag you love, it shouldn't be too far from your budget. (Make sure to authenticate though, obviously!)
  5. I would agree with all the above comments and would say also not to rush into buying something just because you would like a Mulberry. :nogood:

    I have made some expensive mistakes and believe me if you end up with a bag you bought on impulse even at £150 it's an expensive error.:nuts:

    I am not sure when your birthday is but if you have time I would keep looking and checking the outlets and possibly E bay. (But do get it authenticated here before you buy off E bay);)

    I hope you manage to get the right one for you at the right price.

    Please keep us updated and any advise we can give we will do so.:graucho:
  6. Hi sme99 - welcome! I think it's best to have a good look at all the styles, old and new, and decide which one{s} you particularly like. The newer/current styles mostly all find their way to the outlets at some stage. The older styles can often be found on Ebay, and there are some bargains to be had {but as mentioned by the other girls, don't forget to get any potential purchase authenticated first if you're not sure}. Also, if you see something you really love on Ebay, why not be bold and make an offer?! You may just get lucky! She who dares.....! Good luck with your hunt! :biggrin:
  7. I agree with everyone - take your time, maybe save a little mire and get the bag you want.
    It is possible to get great bargains with patience. I picked up a Mabel Hobo and a Roxanne in Shepton Mallet for not much above your budget.
  8. Sme99, I agree with the other girls that its really important to think of style and size of bag that you would love. Once you have worked this out, you could call the outlets, as they had mni mabels at £150 or less, and often have bags that they can't shift at the lower price. But, I personally would watch ebay like a hawk, get bags authenticated on here, and be ready to bid at the last minute. I won a beautiful bronze metallic glove alana for £65, (obvs plus post!!), an avimore for £23, penny glove for £33, oak phoebe for £92, and none of these were fake. I would be wary of cheap roxannes and bayswaters, as I think you can come unstuck with the ultra popular bags!!! But, for peace of mind always seek authentication from our lovely experts. Good luck.
  9. Keep an eye on Lovehandbags, they currently have a coconut Ayler for £165. There is a beautiful vintage Shoulder bag for £195 and I have heard that they sometimes can move on price. Delevery is free within UK too I believe, plus they are all authentic.

    Good luck, can't wait for your reveal when you find something you love!
  10. You have had some great advice above! I hope that you find something soon. Happy Birthday! xx
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    Hi everyone. I'm feeling quite buoyant about the plan again now, I was feeling really low earlier so thanks very much for all your advice!

    It's not my birthday just yet so I have got time to keep looking, now I know it is viable.
    Even if I did try saving more money, I can't really justify spending much more than £150 as we're now down to one income and have 2 kids at uni. Although they have loans/grants, we still have to pay out for things from time to time, and nobody in the family understands my desire for quality handbags :o(

    I have tried making a couple of offers on eBay but I always feel a bit uncomfortable, as I don't want to offend. On occasions when I make an offer, it gets turned down or a counter offer is made which is barely less than the BIN price. I always try to make what is a fair offer e.g. a bag BIN was £185 and I offered £145. The counter offer was £175, yet strangely the same seller accepted £200 on a bag with a BIN of £245. I also had an eye on a beautiful Ledbury which had a BIN of £225. I know it was a bit cheeky, but I took a chance and offered £150, because some people aren't too bothered about the price, they just want to make room for a new bag. Unfortunately, my offer was rejected and the bag was the withdrawn from sale altogether.

    If time is short when I see a bag I fancy on eBay (either ending soon or BIN), should I check on the authenication page before bidding and hope someone will reply before it's too late, or bid and then seek authentication before paying? Do I get a black mark on eBay if I then don't pay because it's a fake? TBH, I would rather buy a bag from Shepton Mallett, although I do like to touch/feel before I buy.

    With regard to deciding on styles I want, I'm afraid I don't know them all by name. I've had a look on Lovehandbags as suggested by Charliefarlie. Although neither of the styles suggested are to my taste, I did manage to identify some of the other styles. So far, I like the look of Jamie, Emmy, Keira, Ledbury, EW Bayswater, Pasadena, Jacquetta, Roxanne, Blenheim (too small?), Phoebe, Annie, Poppy, Smithfield, although I think some may be too big/heavy. I can't carry heavy bags and, despite writing down measurements of each bag, it's difficult to visualise the actual size of the bags, and how they look on the body. I don't have any way of personally viewing them, so would it be possible for people to advise me from personal experience those bags which I should eliminate from the list. Also, I need to be realistic about which styles will never be within my budget!

    Finally, maybe I'm being too fussy, but when I looked in Bicester, I wasn't overkeen on bags with grossgrain lining. It seems strange to have such a lovely leather bag, with a plain cotton lining. I much prefer the suede or mulberry design fabric lining.

    Sorry for my ramblings, but your advice really is appreciated !
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    Hi again! I wonder if you'd find the Catwalk thread useful? It shows Mulberry girls wearing different bags?



    Also, under the Mulberry reference thread, there are threads of different types of bags in different colours and leathers e.g. a Ledbury thread, a Mabel thread.

    There's so much information on the Mulberry forum; you can also put in the style name, for example, in the "search this forum", and previous threads/posts will appear with opinions and views, pictures.

    Isn't it exciting!? Such a treasure trove of choice, you're bound to find "the one"! :biggrin:
  13. Wow, MiniMabel, thanks for that. I'm feeling really excited too, but really need to know how heavy these bags are? Probably a silly question (sorry!), but does the leather they're made from make a difference to the weight?
  14. ^^ definitely! Darwin is quite heavy, when compared to say goatskin, or glove leather.

    Please don't give up the Mulberry hunt - you can get a nice sized bag for less than £150 - eg. Do you like the Somerset Shoulder, or perhaps an Alana (slightly bigger)? Very often, these go for less than £150. Another thing to bear in mind is the colour - 'classics' of oak/black/choc tend to make that bit more IMO.

    Good luck!!
  15. Patience. Patience. Patience.

    Patience and a good sniping program are the key to making this happen on Ebay. I found a very nice authentic oak Euston for £85 (typical price, £300+) when an online consignment shop made a serious miscalculation in their BIN price (I believe they used older vintage Mulberries as comparables, they didn't know the model of the bag in the listing). I've also gotten very good bargains watching auctions that appear to be under-performing and entering a snipe bid for my budget. The great thing about snipe is that there is no second-guessing - it works the way a second price auction is supposed to work - you bid your maximum willingness to pay and someone either outbids you or they don't.

    Good luck getting your bag!