Is it insane to get both?

  1. **also if I get a mj small zip around card/case wallet?

    sorry for all this folks, I always over analyze what I get till the point on when i make a huge impulse buy LOL.
  2. Nope, i don't think it's insane to get both. They both are really cute. I really like the patent mini skinny and even considering it for myself.
  3. Go for it! I'm going to get the Jasmine ballet flats, the signature shoulder tote and the pink skinny leash - hey, it's fall, time to refresh the accessories in the wardrobe as well. And my pup of course needs a new fall leash :smile:

  4. I totally agree. It's a new season. You can never have too much Coach :smile:
  5. not at all insane!! I like both of them and if you are going to use them both what's the difference!? I just bought the mini zippy in white patent leather and the striped clutch. I'm thinking of going back and getting the scarf now.;)
  6. I like them both and I always feel like you can rotate accessories, so go for it (mind you, I'm partially using my response to justify getting myself more stuff when I get my next bag! LOL!)
  7. 3, 4 ,5 ,6... 10... no it's not insane. lol!
  8. Not at all. I got the scarf -which I still absolutely love and wear all the time-and I am planning on getting the key pouch, too! I love the legacy items and the accessoires are all a lot cheaper than a new bag so you really don't have to feel bad:yes:
  9. Go for it! We're such bad enablers! LOL!
  10. not at all! buy both, they arent THAT expensive
  11. Lol!
  12. LOL yes you are but I love you all for it! I think I've decided to first go order the pouch and maybe get the patent at the store, or just order twice. Oh I'm so bad and with the bloomies private sale as well..
  13. Girl! They are seriously the cutest things ever and completely different imo!
  14. I know and thats what makes it all the harder! I don't like having a lot of the same thing, for the same purpose, I like something for each indiviual purpose for I am wierd like that.:shame: