Is it inappropriate to....

Princess D

Jun 12, 2006
get my boss to help me hunt a Birkin in Paris?

My female boss is going to Paris next month and has offered to help us each purchase something. My other colleauges and my boss are probably thinking LV and Chanel only, but I'm thinking Hermes!! I never bring my birkin to work so my boss won't know my taste for bags. I'm seriously considering giving her the specs to hunt for a Birkin, but would it be politically incorrect to get her to help me with such a huge purchase, instead of the LVs or Chanels she's thinking? I'm not sure if I want my boss to know I spend that much on a bag, but if she can get me a Birkin in Paris, it'd be so much cheaper than my local H (or local resellers). Moreover, it'd be a pain for her to bring back the bag (solution is DHL!). Also, I have a few combos that I'm interested in, so it might involve her calling me from the store if she sees the bags.

I'm not particularly close to her, she's joined us for nearly 5 months, and I'd go yoga or the movies with her a few times. So my question is, should I go ahead and get her to help me get a Birkin? Or should I wait till next year when I probably will go with DH? OR can she try to special order for me and I can get H to ship to me when it's available? I'm partifularly interested in Etoupe 35 with fuschia lining. How should I give instruction to her if I want her to SO for me? Or do you gals think it's inappropriate to get my boss to do it, when she might only be thinking of getting LV speedy or Chanel 2.55 for us?


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
You did kind of answer this yourself when you wrote " I'm not sure if I want my boss to know I spend that much on a bag. . ." JMO, I don;t want anyone to know how much I spend on H, LOL, and that includes friends, family and an Hermes loving boss. She's still my boss and that is too much to risk.


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
Not something I would do personally.Plus if you wait until you go to Paris and have your DH with you ,it will feel much more special.


Jul 7, 2008
I wouldn't do it, it's just too complicated for all the reasons discussed. I wouldn't even asked a colleague to do it and definitely not my boss.
Jan 13, 2007
Hong Kong
don't do it ... do she carry H herself? actually don't do it even if she does ... she might want the birkin quota herself and if you ask she might not say no to you but who knows what she might be thinking


Nov 13, 2006
I think that you've gotten your answer from the other wise responses - but I thought that I'd throw in my two cents as well. I agree 100% that it's not good for your higher ups to know that you spend that kind of money on anything. I've had this concern in the past - especially when bosses have commented about expensive items. I tried to play it down as much as possible because my concern would be that when they were determining raises / bonuses etc - they might think that you don't need the money as much as someone else. Who knows - but that is something to think about.