Is it in bad form...

  1. ask someone if their bag is fake?

    Last night, on the Metro, I saw two women in my car - one carrying a Fendi Spy and the other, a Marc Jacobs Stam. For the life of me, I couldn't tell if they were real or not, and sadly, desparately wanted to know. I don't think I would ever muster the courage to ask. I'm sure they were like, "Who's that crazy person doing all those neck contortions?".

    Please share your thoughts...thanks!
  2. Personally, I would never ask someone if their bag (or anything else for that matter) was fake. I totally understand being curious, though! But I think it would be rude to ask.
  3. I could never do it ... I wish I was a little more outspoken when it comes to things like that! Maybe if it was one person, but when there is two, there is more of a chance they might reply in a rude or sarcastic manner.
  4. I would say something like, "Oh I love your bag, where did you get it?" and see what they say.
  5. Hmmm..... just dont think I would ask. I would be afraid of the answer or the left hook if it were fake.
  6. ditto!
  7. I agree with tr444. you can usually tell how they tell you if you think it is authentic or not! :smile:
  8. I think that it is bad form to ask. Plus,many members on here have posted about how irritated they've been being asked questions about their bags,especially whether it's real or fake.

    Personally i don't mind compliments on my bags from strangers;strangers who wish to know who it's by (I live in fashion Siberia) or people who wish to know where I purchased it.

    But if anyone were to ask whether it's real or not (or if I got the impression that another comment was a thinly veiled effort to ascertain this) I would be very offended.

    I live and let live:biggrin: .
  9. I think it would be incredibly rude to ask, Imagine if someone asked you ?
    Its ok to make your mental assumptions but its proberly best left at that.:biggrin:
  10. If it IS a fake, do you really think that person would answer you truthfully? I know tons of people from my hometown to claim that their fakes (from those goofy purse parties) are authentic!

  11. i dont ask if it's fake.. i ask questions about it and see what their reactions are. like one time a friend's gf came with a fake speedy, and i blurted out, "oh that's a huge speedy! what size is that?" and she got red and was like, "oh.. uhh.. it's fake." end of story. lol.

    iono depends on people i guess.. i've gotten people asking me flat out, "hey nice bag, is it fake?" wtf?! :mad: so insulting.
  12. I would be curious too and find myself thinking these things now that I hang out here.

    But-I would never out and out ask if it were fake. I would ask something like-"oh, where did you buy that?" or, "would you mind if I asked how much that cost-it is just lovely". The responses you get (or, don't get) would probably help you figure out if they were real or not.
  13. I think it would be quite rude to ask. I kinda put it on the level of asking if someone's boobs are fake.
  14. i would never ask.. just look intently at the bag, and maybe from there, could decipher if its fake or real....
  15. I just asked someone yesterday about a Chloe bag, as I was interested in her opinoin of the bag, and didn't know if it was real (no real Chloe experience). I don't know why it would be rude, quite frankly. We are innundated with fakes. If you carry one (that you know is fake!) then, well, you know it is, and I don't know why one would be offended by the question. They're not offended by having them! If it's not fake, then, it's not fake, and clearly whoever's asking doesn't know.

    I was very polite, and so was the girl I asked. Now, I didn't accuse her, or "confront" her (an idiotic word), and didn't insult her. I didn't throw my authentic Gucci in her face, nor did she ask me about it. It wasn't my intent to denigrade her for owning it. It's not like I asked her how much money she makes, or if she and her husband have sex. I put this in the same category of asking someone where they bought a pair of shoes that I admire. I don't even find this an intrusive question, if asked politely.