Is it impossible to get black city with gold giant hardware?

  1. I'm going to be getting a black (not anthracite) city with giant gold hardware. I plan to but it in paris in three weeks time but I've just been checking out the uk and European websites and they only have black with giant gold hardware in the part time size. In the city the hardware is rose gold or silver. Is this just the website or did they not do this combination? Thanks!
  2. it depends on your luck - i saw the anthracite city with giant gold hardware at Mount Street London boutique about 2 months ago and apparently they just sold the black. I would call the boutiques when you get to paris to check
  3. I've been told that it's sold out in Europe and they have changed the hardware to small gold and may not be doing any more black with giant gold. I'm really surprised as I thought it was a staple. Does anyone know anything about this?
  4. All Giant hardware will be discontinued starting from next season and replacing it with medium giant hardware. If you do a search, there's a lot of information about the new hardware especially in the S/S 2012 Intel thread. Hope this helps.