Is it impossible to find shoes that rival flip flops in comfort?

  1. Now that I've started working at my first corporate job, I have a need to look sharp and dressy every day. Though I have pumps that are comfortable considering they're 3 or 4 inch pumps, I find myself wincing in the morning just imagining myself walking blocks upon blocks in them in NYC. The past couple of days, I found myself turning to my good ol' Old Navy flip flops, which I've found to be the most comfortable "shoes" ever. However, with a somewhat dressy, sharp outfit, wearing flip-flops seems totally inappropriate and sloppy.

    So my question is, do you have shoes - other than known comfy shoes like flip-flops, uggs, crocs - that you turn to for days when you just want to be comfy without sacrificing cuteness/dressiness?
  2. A lot of people just wear their flip-flops until they get to the office, and then change into their regular shoes. It saves wear on your nice shoes, too.
  3. You can try loafers or ballerina flats.
  4. I may be in the minority but I find flip flops to be notoriously uncomfortable!

    That said, why not look at some type of ballet flat?
  5. ballet flats, driving mocs, kitten heel sandals and shoes
  6. nope, I just tough it out. I don't even own flats, flip-flops or mocs. Maybe when I am 80 and no one looks at me, I will consider these styles though...
  7. Look for embroidered ballerina flats that are made of fabric, but with a plastic or leather sole.

    Also try Minnetonka moccasins, or wannabes. You can get metallic ones in subdued colors like bronze and pewter with beading on the instep.
  8. I know I'm still looking! :graucho:
  9. I know what you mean, rainy! I have always worn ballerina flats or jptod's driving shoes to work, although I am fortunate enough to work in a place that does not require a business attire. Sometimes I do wear heels and frankly speaking, in a few hours, I feel as if my toes are dying. So what I do it is I wear heels to the office and bring a pair of flats as spare. And when I am in the office or when the heels start getting uncomfortable, I change into my flats.

  10. yeah this is what i do
  11. Wow, I thought I was the only one crazy to tough it out too; my shoes are all impractical but they look good.
  12. Please do not wear Old Navy flip flops to work. That looks trashy and it is very unprofessional unless you work at some surfer shop that sells bikinis and board shorts. :push:

    I wear Louboutins to work a lot and IMO they are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. For 5 inch heels you would think they are uncomfortable but they really aren't.

    I also recommend Chanel ballerina flats. They are cute and very comfy. It's impossible to stand for a long time in CL's but you can run around doing errands all day in flats. very comfortable and cute :tup:
  13. agreed!! I live in flip flops as well, but I have a pair of cole haan nike air boots that I walked all over montreal in with no pain.
  14. I never thought flip flops were that comfy.. they seem to cut up my feet a lot. I do like ballet flats or kitten heels for work.