Is it IMPOSSIBLE to find baby cabas now?

  1. I really really want to get a baby cabas in black or navy. Is it really impossible? I know that new colors of baby cabas are coming out in March. Do you guys know what colors are they? I can't even sleep...I really really want that bag...please help me!! :sad:

    Oh, second question..the vinyl one only comes in Large and x-large? Not in medium?
  2. I'm looking for a baby cabas too. I think perhaps the best bet for now is eBay. There are a couple of sellers there selling the baby cabas and some of them are fellow PFer's if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Here's some info I posted in another thread:

    Did you try Nieman Marcus' catalog? The latest catalog I got had the navy in it. Call 1-800-825-8000, Catalog Code F107, item number 10A. Good luck!
  4. Will the baby cabas have a price hike as well? Anyone? :s
  5. i just called and they said it has been discontinued...:crybaby:
  6. icy, I just called my local NM and they told me that there is a huge waitlist since Oct of last year. :s They say they can put me on the waitlist if I want but I said that's okay. Did you check with your local NM?
  7. I know there's a huge waiting list at the store, but did you try the NM catalog number? I think that's completely separate than getting on a waitlist at your local store.
  8. i think a lot of people put their names on multiple store's list. so it really does not hurt to put your name even tho the list is long. you never know....
    good luck...
  9. I was thinking of buying this back in the fall, and the only color that had a big waitlist at Toronto Chanel was black. The other colors only had about 5 poeple on the list then, so it's worth calling around. Good luck!
  10. Thanks girls for answering my question:love: ...Of course, I called local stores and they have over 40 people on the waiting list and they don't accept it sad...I already called the NM catalog number and they don't have it either...and they don't even take waitlist...I'm getting desparate here...:hrmm:
  11. icy100:the vinyl one only comes in large and medium.
  12. mashashmount: Thanks for your answer...How big is the Large one? Do you know?
  13. Icy, I believe the dimensions for the large is approximately 23" by 15" by 5." :smile:
  14. Thanks weN84!!
  15. No problem. Glad to be of help!