Is it impossible to find an Amethyste Twiggy~

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  1. Hi, girls ~~~ I recently sold my 05 Magenta Day, and I missed the color so much ~~ did anyone happen to see an Magenta/Amethyste Twiggy anywhere?
  2. I think your best chance would be a magenta from *bay or Bonanzle. I've seen some twiggys and a box recently.

    I don't think you'll find an amethyst twiggy.
  3. thanks~~~
    i am so sad that i won't find an amethyst twiggy~~
  4. there was an amethyst twiggy recently sold on . you should definitely contact corey there to put you on the wish list. i'm sure it will turn up at some point. don' give up!!!
  5. thanks!!! Frankie, just emailed her~
  6. I want an amethyst too(not a twiggy a work or city rh) it is very diffiuclt to find them...just found an amethyst work ggh on let