Is it important to get a lipbalm with spf in it?

  1. I saw 3 different kinds of vaseline tubs, one with spf, so picked this one up, but is it important? thanks! :smile:
  2. Yes, I swear by Kiehl's Lipbalm SPF15. The lips' skin is very thin and has no natural oils to protect it from anything.. So, use lipbalm with SPF!!
  3. I am a SPF worshiper...I also spend alot of time in the sun. I live in sun year round so I use spf on my lips all the time! I just worry...(while Im laying in the sun, or on the boat..) skin cancer scares me to death. So as much as LOVE sun I try and protect myself as much as I can...especially my lips and face. (and chest, and arms, and and and....)
  4. I live in FL so I try and get ALL of my Makeup with LOTS of SPF ! I think it's a great idea for cosmetics companies to finally start putting SPF in lipsticks/glosses !!